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DebConf13 Decission meeting points:

  • Feb 20 20:06:37 <gwolf> #info The designated speakers are, for Latvia, aigarius_lv and pecisk_lv, and for Switzerland, gismo_ch and gaudenz_ch
  • Feb 20 20:07:07 <gwolf> #info the channel is now moderated. For participation, please join #debconf-discuss and we will try to relay.
  • Feb 20 20:16:14 <gwolf> #info Switzerland focuses on a "DebConf inside the nature"
  • Feb 20 20:17:19 <gwolf> #info Proposed venue: "Le Camp", managed by YMCA, can accomodate 325 people plus campers (camping allowed)
  • Feb 20 20:19:15 <Caroll> #info bid teams have 10 minutes to give a quick introduction
  • Feb 20 20:21:49 <gwolf> #info Latvia bid: In the University in the center of Riga (capital); accomodation available in hostels or more expensive hotels
  • Feb 20 20:23:45 <gwolf> #info Riga is either a cheap student focused bid or a really touristy bid, depending on how much we have to spend
  • Feb 20 20:29:05 <Caroll> #info Latvia priority list
  • Feb 20 20:29:35 <Caroll> #info Switzerland priority list
  • Feb 20 20:31:00 <gwolf> #info Weather in August in .ch is usually sunny, 15-25°C
  • Feb 20 20:31:42 <gwolf> #info For sponsorship information: is sponsored by <>, which has been already contacted for DebConf13; for other sponsors >
  • Feb 20 20:33:03 <gwolf> #info Latvian team: No significant local monetary sponsorship is expected, as the current crisis has hit Latvia particularly hard. Situation might change later on.
  • Feb 20 20:40:33 <gwolf> #info Overall preliminary budgets offered: Switzerland, ~€175,000; Latvia, ~€147,350
  • Feb 20 20:41:43 <aigarius_lv> #info Latvia with a hostel option - 86,000 €
  • Feb 20 20:41:47 <gwolf> #info Actually, Latvia has two possible bids, depending on our desired luxury level: 85,925 and 147,350
  • Feb 20 20:43:36 <gwolf> #info .lv option includes daytrip and formal dinner (~15000€ together)
  • Feb 20 20:44:42 <gwolf> #info Latvia is more affordable.
  • Feb 20 20:46:31 <gwolf> #info Switzerland has a stronger, maturer, more experienced local team
  • <gwolf> #info Working spaces is a tie.
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