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[edit] Attendees from DebConf team

Please add your name if you plan to come to the visit and indicate if you would like to share a ride from Neuchatel.

  • gaudenz, can organize Mobility car in Neuchatel
  • OdyX, in public transports from Fribourg
  • Axel, probably by car from Zurich (maybe also from Waldshut)
  • rafw in car from Neuchâtel, can give you a lift from and to Neuchâtel station.

[edit] Things to discuss

  • Ask if there are laundry possibilities on-site and if so, how many what conditions (do we need washing products?, times, ...)
    • ANSWER: Yes if we have one person responsible of handling everything we can use their laundry machine.
  • Check status of new parking and number of spaces for cars
    • ANSWER: almost built, already in use, ~84 cars
  • What should people bring? (take care that many people are non European). What kind of beddings? Towel? Mosquito?
    • ANSWER: no towels provided,
  • First-aid
    • kit
      • ANSWER: we should bring something
    • pharmacie
      • ANSWER: st. aubin
    • hospital
    • doctor
      • ANSWER: phone list provided by le camp

[edit] Floorplan

  • Camping
    • camping areas, exact sizes, number of tents, house for bathrooms
    • DebConf and DebCamp
  • Wheelchair (good room, connected easily with talkroom, dinning room, ...)
    • ANSWER: beausite, lower-floor a bit harder to reach, but 2 bed room, upper floor perfect

[edit] Talk rooms / Hacklabs

  • Check for fixed beamer/projector installations
    • ANSWER: one new one (30.- first day, 10.- every other day), 1 older one
  • check for sound / audio system
    • wireless microphones
    • speakers and amplifiers
      • ANSWER: they have two sound systems, one mixer and one microphone
    • tripods
      • ANSWER: 1 is present for the micro
    • mixer
    • silver-screen
      • ANSWER: 1 in "grand salle" 1st floor, 1 mobile, 1 in the main talk room
  • check for enough chairs and tables
    • 250 in main building
    • 50 for 2nd talkroom
    • 200 places in hacklabs?
  • Check potential banner sizes and positioning to be visible on video (ref: sponsoring brochure)

[edit] Infrastructure

  • Check the availibility and disposability of Le Camp's minibus
    • ANSWER: 1 CHF/km plus gas, 12 places, needs B1 license, also used by the kitchen, so coordination needed
  • Possibility to replace the flag
    • ANSWER: yes possible to hang our flag in addition to Le Camp's flag

[edit] Networking

  • Check for RJ45 wall sockets in talk rooms (video team) and hacklabs
  • Check for Wi-Fi in all buildings

[edit] Food

  • Meal times, proposal breakfast 8-10, lunch 12-14, dinner 18:30-20:30
    • Times and place during DebCamp
    • Dishwashing coordination with other group during DebCamp
  • Discuss the possibility to have a menuplan in advance
  • Discuss the meals counting procedure
  • Discuss the serving and dishwashing
  • First and Last meal -> We would prefer breakfast on last day, dinner on first day of debcamp and lunch only for debcamp attendees on first day of debconf.
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