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[edit] Crowfunding platforms

If you have experience with any of those services, please add your comments!

[edit] Organization that takes and handle Debian money =

  • SPI (needs manual processing and not web interface for tracking AFAIK)
  • FFIS (needs manual processing, they do have a nice website for tracking)

[edit] Stuff to "give" to donors

  • List their name in Debconf13 site
  • Send by post some Debian stickers
  • Send by post some Debian USB key
  • Send by post a Debian poster
  • Send by post a Debian t-shirt (probably more expensive that any of the other options...)
  • Send by post a "Thank you" Debian card signed by (some) developer

[edit] General ideas

  • Sending merchadise by post is expensive and this should be done only with high amounts.
  • The money we get in SPI and others needs manual processing by people there. We risk flooding them with small donations.
  • Crow funding services take usually a %, maybe we can use them for small amounts and use SPI and FFIS for bigger amounts. We could ask people

over 50USD/EUR donate directly to Debian directly. Maybe to incentive this we could put the first 'present' at this amount.

  • Tell people they are not paying the holidays to a developer: developer works in Debconf and it is costing them money to go

to debconf no matter what.

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