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[edit] Practical information

Meet at 14:50 at Ferme du Soliat to take a coach to Neuchâtel or meet directly at rue Jaquet-Droz 1, Neuchâtel at 15:50

[edit] CSEM visit program

  1. CSEM overview
  2. SpaceCoder : shadow-based high-precision position measurement
  3. icycom: an ultra-low power system-on-chip including DSP and RF
  4. Embedded Linux platform for vision applications
  5. Human vital signs monitoring
  6. Wireless Sensor Network based localization

[edit] List of attendees (max 20)

  1. Raphaël Walther
  2. Philipp Hug
  3. Milan Kupcevic
  4. Eugeniy Meshcheryakov
  5. Thomas Preud'homme
  6. Elmar Heeb
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