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Pros Cons
  • University environment
  • Cheaper
  • Food price is more flexible (can be lowered a lot)
  • No accessible bathroom possible! (Maybe renting one, if this exists in Nica or next Hotel is 300mts away)
  • Smoking is not permitted on the whole campus (even outside of the buildings). Distance to the exit: 100mts.
  • Hotels are all around (but in walking distance)
  • Food logistics is more complicated
Crowne Plaza
  • People are closer together (max. 3 hotels)
  • Accesibility guaranteed at venue and main hotel
  • More expensive
  • Mutlinational company
  • Stricter payment conditions
  • "No walking area" (in the map) definition: We could not guarantee complete safety in these parts of the town - from a "walking through with laptops every day and night" point of view rather than a more immediate one.
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