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[edit] Aula Magna Regulations

  1. Aula Magna is an auditorium with a 400 people capacity, air conditioned, with audio system, ergonomic chairs, multimedia devices, Internet, with natural gardens.
  2. Audio system, microphone and multimedia requested for usage, will be handled by the UCA logistic departament.
  3. Once the activities scheduled are finished, you need to abandon Aula Magna.
  4. Prohibitions
    1. Attendees in the Aula MAagna can not get in with food and beverages.
    2. Do not smoke.
    3. Do not chew gum inside, do not leave gum in chairs neither carpet.
    4. Do not throw garbage
    5. Do not put your feet in the chairs
    6. Do not Scratch the furniture
    7. Do not hold your hands or feet in the wall
    8. Do not use glue on the wall. Do not pierce the wall.
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