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We have lots of talks planned.

We need volunteers to help coordinate the talk in each room.

Your job as a talk coordinator, named "Talkmeister" will be basic logistics:

  • make sure you can find the speaker(s)
  • greet them nicely, let them know how you'll be helping.
  • tell them when the event starts and stops
  • help them with the microphone/video setup, if needed
  • provide water for the speaker to drink
  • help the video team
    • the video team usually have a "room coordinator" in each talkroom, who make sure videoteam are there, etc..
    • make sure the video team is ready befaire starting the talk
  • make sure the speaker knows when the talk starts and stops!
    • all talks are 45 minutes long
    • talks stop 15 minutes before the next talk begins
    • at the start of the session, clearly announce the topic of the session, and (briefly!) introduce the speaker.
    • give the speaker an indication when 10 minutes, 5 minutes, and 1 minute remain in their talk.
    • stop them when their talk is up!
  • during discussion/Q&A, run microphones for questions from audience, if needed.

If you're willing to volunteer to coordinate multiple talks (please do!), then please try to sign up for several talks contiguously. e.g. pick a talk room, and coordinate every talk in that room before (or after) lunch.

[edit] Update!

No, please don't use the wiki to coordinate, use Penta !

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