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Before reading any further: There is an available sauna room at the Seminole hotel. It looks quite good (i.e. wooden sauna, just like in Finland). We have not yet tested it (please update here if you have!), but it seems to be a good option.

But, as with everything else, Nicaragua makes it all.. Different!

There is a great natural sauna at the nearby town of Tipitapa. It's less than 30 minutes away from Managua if traveling by car. According to the local team, the best times to go there are at 6AM (yes, what we call "early early morning" mostly anywhere in the world). And the best days to go there are Monday and Thursday. Note that it is possible anyway to go at other times and days — Holger and Gunnar were there on a Sunday evening (~19:00), and had a wonderful time.

How can it be a natural sauna? It is built over a thermal, sulphurous water spring. The place is unique, and very much worth a visit.

We want to measure how many people are interested in going in which date/time. We are planning a first exploratory group to go on Friday 2012-07-06 6AM (leaving the hotel at 05:30), but feel free to sign up for any future days/times.

[edit] 2012-07-06 6AM

Name/Nick Mail
Norman García
Gunnar Wolf
Regina Daichman
Luca Capello
Stefano Zacchiroli
Asheesh Laroia
Gerfried Fuchs
Gaudenz Steinlin
Jonathan Bustillos
Judit Foglszinger fgrfgr at freenet point de
David Prévot
Cathy Nonet

[edit] Other dates? Add them!

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