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[edit] Mobile Phones and Data Plans

some questions about how to use mobile phones and data in Nicaragua - still open Questions are marked with "TODO"):

The DebConf12 Website mentions some information on it there:

[edit] how to actually book a data plan (for movistar and claro)?

  • General explanation: booking the data plan works by sending a text message to a specific service number that contains a text with a code for the plan you want to book. You always need the according credit on your account, naturally.
  • Claro:
    • "internet mobile" (data only?) - it's expensive and something With Quasi-4G (no real WIMAX, according to xamanu) - you rather want the latter:
    • If you buy a chip to put in your cell phone (make sure it's a "chip intelligente", as it comes with 500Mb free to be used within 7 days). Once this bonus is over, you send a code (like "50", "100", "500" or "1GB") by SMS to 8833. those codes are explained here (click on the tab "Paquetes de Internet Movil Prepago").
  • Movistar: General pricing info is available here:
    • In addition, you can elect a "Movistar OnLine Full" plan with unlimited data for 1 USD plus tax per day. They are currently running a promotion with the first 5 days free, so if you're only staying in the country for a week this is not a bad deal at all. To activate:
      • dial '*SALDO' (*72536) to notify the system that your SIM is active.
      • text the string 'correo' to the number 2233
      • wait for the response welcome message
      • text the response 'B' (for non-BlackBerry devices)
      • wait for the response
      • text 'OL' to choose the OnLine Full plan.
      • Manually configure the APN with the following settings:
        • APN:
        • username: movistarni
        • password: movistarni
    • You must have a minimum balance on your phone to be able to purchase this plan in the first place, despite the 5-day promotion.

[edit] how to I check my account balance?

  • Movistar: dialing "*SALDO" gives spoken information in spanish - sending a text message with "SALDO" to 611 gives it as text message (help)
  • Claro: dialing *812 - gives spoken information in spanish - sending a text message "Consulta" to 821 gives it as text message, costs 0.07USD+tax (help)

[edit] What's the Voice Mailbox Number?

  • Claro: *855
  • Movistar: *86
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