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Woo, Lightning Talks!

We will schedule at least one round of lightning talks, at 17:00 14th July, 2012, in Aula Magna (a.k.a. Talk Room 1). This round will have video team coverage.

These are quick talks -- a chance to quickly present an idea, an argument, or a project to a large group.

Please add your topic (and your name) below.

If we get too many signups, i'll try to schedule another round, which may or may not have video team coverage.

[edit] Guidelines

  • Talks are 5 minutes or less. You *will* be cut off if you go over 5 minutes.
  • Before your talk, if you want to use the beamer, you will have 1 minute to get your laptop hooked up. Alternately, you can deliver slides (PDF preferred, targetting 1024x768 screen resolution) to dkg before your talk and they will be displayed to the beamer via another machine.

[edit] Topics

List your lightning talk here!

(please remember to include your name, and IRC handle if possible)

  • Freedom Lost in Cashless Alternatives -- Tom Marble (tmarble)
  • control at submit time -- Don Armstrong (dondelelcaro)
  • foreign chroot madness with qemu -- Vagrant Cascadian (vagrantc)
  • digging popcon data -- Franklin Piat (franklin)
  • NEMU: a Network EMUlator in a box Python library -- Martín Ferrari (Tincho)
  • yoreme -- edgar
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