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This is a page to write down ideas. See it as a brainstorm page for everything. A space to write down ideas to not forget them or other person might take them. Or they will just not being realized.

DebConf Radio station (Online audio streaming)

  • A dedicated team and shows by people who want to do radio.
  • Schedule and programs organized through the wiki.
  • There could be a daily Debconf News program of 15-30min.
  • (Free)Music everytime...


  • Barcode control in the badge to know who we will give food.
  • There will be free coffee available for attendees at the venue, so food team is proposing to give coffee cups to each atendee.
  • Concert "Mueve tu mouse con libertad V"
  • 2 type of badges so DebConfers will easy identify DebConf organizers/localteam.
  • First Aid Kit in Front Desk
  • Dedicated mobile phone number for emergencies.
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