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Put your name here until July 1st if you want your Debian Jacket and you'll be able to pick it up from July 5th on. The Jacket costs US$ 30 without printed customized name or U$ 33 with a name on the jacket like you can see on the three pictures ("jimbo"). The jackets must be paid at frontdesk, at latest when picking then up.

The small profit goes to the Nicaraguan Debian Community to finance future projects (like taking the Debian Tour outside of Managua).

Name/Nick Mail Size Color (choose from black, blue and khaki) Customized name Comments Paid? Delivered?
h01ger XL black h01ger Y Y
xamanu M black Y Y
zigo M black zigo Y Y
Ganneff XXL black Ganneff via h01ger Y Y
Ganneff L black via h01ger Y Y
bubulle M black bubulle Y Y
xjen XL black Jen Y Y
xjen XXL black Chaco Yes, second Jacket, friend from RCSL Y Y
xjen L black Dianaharm Yes, third Jacket, friend from RCSL Y Y
xjen M black Amekare Yes, Fourth Jacket, friend from RCSL Y Y
xjen L black Pio Yes, Fifth Jacket, friend from RCSL Y Y
none esteban (at) nuevaeralatam (dot) com M blue Esteban Monge Y Y
Sylvestre L black Y Y
Calixte XL black via Sylvestre Y Y
ultrotter XL black ultrotter Y Y
gaudenz M black Y Y
cate XXL black cate Y Y
Moray M black Y Y
phil M black Y Y
taffit XL black Y Y
taffit M black Y Y
codehelp XL black codehelp Y Y
Clint XL black via dkg Y Y
maulkin L black Maulkin Y Y
Alerios L black via LuisUribe Y Y
Luis Uribe L black luisuribe Y Y
Luis Uribe L black luisuribe Yes, two jackets, Y Y
Luis Uribe 14 luisuribe Payed at Debcamp Y Y
Rafael Rivas XL black tato Y Y
Rafael Rivas M black OpenRanger For a friend Y Y
gregoa XL black Y Y
Jonathan McDowell XL black Noodles Y Y
Piotr Ożarowski L black Y Y
Piotr Ożarowski L black Ozarjusz for my brother Y Y
Didier Raboud L black OdyX Y Y
Didier Raboud L blue OdyX Y Y
Roger Orellana rjorellana (at) gmail (dot) com M black Y Y
Don Armstrong XL black dondelelcaro Y Y
Gunnar Wolf XL black gwolf Y Y
Gunnar Wolf L black reg_d Y Y
Tom Marble XXL black tmarble Y Y
Steve McIntyre XXL black Sledge Y Y
Jo McIntyre XXL black Randombird Y Y
Jaqm XXL black Quevedo Y Y
janapirat XXL black janapirat Y Y
00001 (Anonymous list id) L black Y Y
carnil M black Y Y
fcestrada XL black fcestrada Y Y
fcestrada M black ajestrada Y Y
rattusrattus XXL black rattus collection by codehelp Y Y
Hask S black Hask N Y
Fitoria L black Fitoria N Y
j-horowitz XL black Josh via dkg Y Y
Rhonda L khaki Rhonda Y Y
LucaCapello L black gismo Y Y
Nattie XXL black nattie Y Y
Jonathan M black Y Y
luk luk XXL black Luk Y Y
nabs XXL black nabs added on July 3rd sorry for being late, hope I can make it! Y Y
jfs XL black jfs added on July 3rd, post-deadline; sorry for so being late. A Spanish colleague would pick it up from Debconf :) Y Y
LucaCapello L black this is for a second one, added on July 8th, post-deadline, for an Italian friend -- Not requested on time. N N
highvoltage XL black Added on July 12th, been told it can still be done :) -- Not requested on time N N
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