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[edit] Secured sponsorship for DC12

As of March 16, the DebConf12 Managua bid has secured sponsorship from:

[edit] Dirección General de Ingresos (General Revenue Service)

We have secured 15% sales tax exemption from the General Revenue Service (DGI). The tax exemption will be applied to the housing and food, conference facilities, local transportation and other local expenditures. We estimate the total amount of sponsorship by the DGI (in tax exemptions) to be around USD 16,000.

[edit] Instituto Nicaragüense de Turismo (Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism)

The Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR) is interested in sponsoring DC12. They have agreed to help us with:

  • Negotiating lower prices on accomodation and conference facilities with the local hotels
  • Proposing some affordable alternatives for Day Trips and for post-DebConf tourism
  • Put together a gift bag for all atendees of DebConf12

[edit] Centro Cultural de España en Nicaragua (CCEN)

CCEN is part of the Spanish Government's cooperation with Nicaragua. CCEN maintains close ties and supports the projects and events of the local FOSS community. They're very excited about a possible DebConf in Nicaragua and wants to help the local team with the organization and funding of the event. Support letter from CCEN: File:Hppscan6.pdf.

CCEN has cameras and other professional equipment that can be borrowed for the Video Team.

[edit] Mesoamerican Information Service about Sustainable Agriculture (SIMAS)

SIMAS is a local non-profit that have a strong compromise with free software. Besides supporting the local FOSS communities (sponsoring events), SIMAS hires local developers in order to work on and create high quality GPL-licensed software for the information needs of the Nicaraguan agricultural sector (See 1 2 3 4 5).

SIMAS has agreed to support a DebConf in Nicaragua. We have a meeting with SIMAS on the 23rd to discuss details of the sponsorship. Support letter here

[edit] Universidad de Ciencias Comerciales (UCC)

UCC is a private university with campus in the cities of Managua, León, Nagarote and San Carlos, Río San Juan. The university has supported the local community since 2007, funding and hosting big events such as FLISOL and SFD.

In a meeting with the principal, the UCC has agreed to support a DebConf in Nicaragua. We will discuss the details of the sponsorship (eg. what do we need?) on a second meeting.

[edit] ToDo - List of prospective sponsors

List of prospective local sponsors for DebConf 12. Names in italic indicates companies and organizations that have sponsored us in the past.

[edit] Local Government

  • Policia Nacional (National Police)
  • Alcaldia de Managua (Municipality of Managua)
  • CONICYT (National Council of Science and Technology)
  • Dirección General de Aduanas (General Customs Bureau)

[edit] Local Companies

  • Yota de Nicaragua
  • Telefónica Movistar
  • Claro
  • Amnet
  • Navega
  • Güegüe Comunicaciones
  • Ideay
  • Comtech
  • Datatex
  • Telssa
  • Banco de Finanzas
  • Banco de la Producción

[edit] Non-profits

  • Centro Cultural España en Nicaragua (CCEN)
  • Hivos
  • Centro AKF
  • Cooperación Europea
  • PNUD
  • Cooperación Alemana
  • Cooperación Suiza
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