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# "affordable" for both sponsors and attendees

Our venue is affordable.
With 15,000 for the venue, 23.81 * (300 + 100) * 7 = 89,068 for the accomodation, it would cost $104,068 plus food ($18.52 dollars lunch + dinner per person is a fair price, so it would be about $51,856), which results in $155914.

# strong, mature, experienced local team

The team has people who have attended Debconf before, and helped with other events organization. Marco Túlio has volunteered for Debconf before. Our team, however, is small.
The team is also experient with Debian. Marco Túlio is a Debian Developer, cascardo is almost a DD, Samuel and Rafael are both package maintainers.

# good working spaces

We have plenty of space. SESC is very big and is used to receive big events. On the other hand, we will need to arrange it to be a good working space, setting up the network and some tables and chairs for the hacklab.

# excellent network connectivity

We will need to create the network infra-structure ourselves, because it's not present currently. We plan to ask for sponsorhip of a ISP to get the internet connection.

# quality and quantity of food and drink in close proximity

Food and drink in close proximity is a problem because the venue is far from downtown. We will need to arrange for the restaurant to be open, so that there will be food and drink available 24x7 in the same space of the conference facilities.

# suitable accommodation in close proximity

The accommodation is close. It is very nice. And it offers a leisure space. It's all in the same "campus".

# presentation facilities

There will be rooms and equipment for presentation, including a person to assist with the audio equipment. Microphone and speakers are available without charge.
The auditoriums are big and well structured.

# travel logistics

The venue is closer to the airport than downtown. We can arrange to have a special bus or for the regular bus to stop at some place where people can get a special bus directly to the venue. The access to the city is easy, since it has a lot of daily flights to São Paulo (GRU).

# accessibility

There are rooms for handicapped people, but some places in SESC are not accessible. We will work hard to make every important place (conference facilities, restaurant, etc.) to be accessible for everyone.
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