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Thank you, videoteam!

If you appreciate the videoteam's work, please leave a message here. We truly love to hear your stories, where, what, how and why you watched our videos and how you benefit from our work. Your feedback is very important to us! :-)

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[edit] DebConf11

  • Holger 'h01ger' Levsen - Thank you videoteam! I really look forward to watch the videos when I'm back at home! ;-) Once again it was a pleasure to work with you and to be able to rely on you. And with "rely on you" I mean that the whole of Debian can rely on being able to participate even from far away. That's totally awesome and makes DebConf quite special! Without the hard work of many many people this wouldnt have been possible and I bow to each and everyone of you! Hvala!
  • Iain Lane - It was awesome being able to participate remotely due to sadly not being able to attend physically. If only other distros were able to achieve the same feat :-). Go videoteam!
  • Alberto Gonzalez Iniesta - Thank you videoteam, for your had work, for making possible for those not able to attend to be here too! Great work!
  • Timo Juhani Lindfors - Thank you for contributing your time and videoing even the early morning talks where even the audience had trouble waking up :-)
  • Luca Capello - having attended very few talks because of merchandising stuff, I am very glad to have the possibility to watch them at any time. Guys, you rock :-)

[edit] Country

[edit] Argentina

  • Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer Thank you all for the big effort you made!!! It is a pleasure to enjoy the talks as if I were there! You rock!
  • Margarita Manterola - Thanks again videoteam for allowing those of us who are not there to be able to participate and be part of DebConf nonetheless!

[edit] Austria

  • Michael Prokop - dear videoteam, thanks for your great work! Having the opportunity to watch the talks you've missed because you either couldn't attend or you attended another session that was scheduled at the same time is great. :) Please continue to provide this awesome service.
  • Gerfried Fuchs - Thanks to all involved, it worked so charming that it is already possible to watch the closing ceremony! Already downloaded the talks from that I didn't had the chance to see because I was in the other room. Thanks a lot!

[edit] Brazil

  • Valessio Brito - I had the opportunity to attend the test transmission DebConf11, the quality is much higher this year. Congratulations to videoteam!
  • Otavio Salvador - It is impressive the high quality work and energy that the Video Team has; well done people :-)
  • Marcelo Santana - One amazing community work that once again exceeded my expectations. I hope to be there and help in the next Debconf. Thank you so much!
  • Antonio Terceiro - OMG, on the first day after the conference we already have the recordings available! Video team, you rock!!

[edit] Bolivia

  • I just want you to know that your work is really appreciated here in the highlands, El Alto - La Paz - Bolivia.

[edit] Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Maida Hodzic - Thank you Videoteam for making such a great effort and doing such a prompt job and for giving me an opportunity to catch up with all the talks I missed. Thanks! <3
  • Velimir Iveljic - Thank you for making it possible for me to see all of the talks. I was quite busy during DebConf and I had so little time to watch any of the talks, but because of you i can now enjoy every talk i wanted to see! I am buying beer to every one of you next time we meet :)

[edit] Canada

  • Jonathan Carter - Thank you so much for the video team effort. It's worth a great deal for people like me who wanted to attend but couldn't make it!

[edit] France

  • Raphaël Hertzog - Thank you all for the amazing work done! It's very important to let others benefit from the discussions we have face to face.
  • Frédéric Lehobey - Thank you very much to all of you. I was watching.
  • Vincent Blut - Thanks a lot Videoteam for the awesome work, it was really pleasant to watch these high quality streams! Guys, you rock ;-}
  • Dominique Dumont - Thanks a lot for the streams. The audio was incredibly clear. :-D

[edit] Spain

  • Juan M. Méndez - Having dreamed for long being a contributor to Debian, I'd like to be there. So I thank you, people at Video team, for making this possible for people abroad.
  • José L. Redrejo Rodríguez Thanks to this great team that's allowing me attending virtually to the Debconf where I'd love to be (sadly, my boss don't think the same). Video is fine in Extremadura (Spain), sound gets lost sometimes but returns pretty fast.
  • Javier Fernandez-Sanguino - Couldn't make it to Debconf (again) this year, but at least, thanks to the splendid work of the videoteam I was able to see some of the talks from my home city. It was glad to see that the videos of the talks I missed were even available before the Debconf finished!. Videoteam: you do a superb work keep it up!
  • Miriam Ruiz Lots of thanks!! Great work!!
  • pancho horrillo Awesome job, fellas! Almost like being there! Thanks a bunch!!!!
  • Amaya Rodrigo - Thank you, videoteam. Missing debconf is painful, but the streams and the fastly encoded talks help mitigate the pain :*

[edit] Germany

  • Ferdinand Thommes - Thanks much to Video-Team once again for the hard work! Audio/Video is fine here.
  • Ludger Sicking - Thank you very much for this work! A few minutes ago I attended the Wiki BoF - at least virtually. Really good quality. I recognised almost everyone. :-)
  • Mathias Behrle - Thanks a lot to make it possible to join DebConf this way, great work!
  • Alexander Reichle-Schmehl - Wow! Every year you deliver a perfect service for us. But you manage to still _improve_ the next year!
  • Stephan Jänecke - Without you it would be less comfortable to attend DebConf from home. Thank you very much!
  • Debian User - Its very great to see all these videos year for year. Debian gets a very personal note and your work make this possible for me here in Germany.
  • Roland Stigge - Couldn't make it to DebConf11 this year. But thanks to the Videoteam with the LiveStream and the upcoming downloadable videos, this didn't matter much. Thank you very much!
  • Sebastian Bremicker (User) - Thank you very much for providing the streams and videos!
  • Sebastian Schröer - Thanks a lot! I'm really looking forward to watching your video recordings, for I had some sound related issues with the live streams in my vlc.
  • Mike Dornberger - Thank you very much for building that huge video knowledge base.

[edit] Hungary

  • Gergely Nagy - While I am at DebConf, and not watching the live streams, I do want to thank the video team, because if there are two talks I want to attend, I'm still able to view both: one live, one later on video. That's fantastic in itself, but there's more: friends & family at home can watch the interesting talks too, so I'd like to thank the video team on their behalf aswell.
  • Csillag Tamas - All of us benefit from the work you do. Thanks!

[edit] United States

  • Michael Shuler - Thank you so much Video Team!
  • Anthony Doan, Thank you! I love Debian and didn't have a chance to go in person so I appreciate the live feed.
  • CM - Thanks for providing the livestream!!!
  • J.B. Nicholson-Owens - Video Team: Your work is simply excellent, thanks so much for the live feeds and the easily readable self-updating schedule. I love that I don't need non-free software to fully enjoy it all. I look forward to the archives to catch up on what I missed.
  • Kevix - the Video Team makes it possible for us remote viewer to participate, so thanks for that!
  • Tony Mancill - I wasn't able to attend DebConf this year, but look forward to watching the sessions I would have attended. (In fact, I'm downloading 3 of them right now.) Thank you so much for making this possible!
  • Joel Johnson - I couldn't attend the sessions, but watched a few live as I could and will watch several more over the next few weeks. Thanks for all the work to make this available!
  • Chris Knadle -- Thank you SO MUCH, Video Team! Although I was not able to go to DebConf11, I was able to watch the live streams and also able to download the video of the talks, much of which was uploaded even while the talks were still going on! I have to hand it to you guys -- that was an awesome job. The Video Team -- and Debian people in general -- ROCK!
  • Dann Frazier -- The video team really out did themselves this year, I was amazed by the quality of the live feeds, esp cut-aways into the crowd.
  • chattr -- outstanding job

[edit] India

  • Sukhbir Singh - Thank you guys for all the hard work you do!

[edit] Ireland

  • Anthony Callegaro - Thanks a million guys for giving us the opportunity to participate in Debconf. The quality of the feed was exceptional and the upload to the archive extremely quick. Fantastic work.

[edit] Iran

  • M. Kashani - Thank you all for contributing to improvement of Debian GNU/Linux which is one of rare distributions that is turely following open source philosophy.

[edit] Italy

  • Mark Caglienzi (TetsuyO) - A big thank you video team! Thanks to your awesome work I was able to follow DebConf talks (and now I'm waiting for the downloadable videos, to watch what I couldn't watch live in streaming). You rock! [edit] BIG THUMBS UP for the awesome quality of audio and video (yes, I'm watching almost everything you taped!)
  • Enrico Zini - Debconf is so hectic that I end up attending half the talks I want to; thanks to you those talks are not missed! And since this year the videos are already online, it means that as soon as I'm home I can have some surrogate to mitigate the Debconf withdrawal symptoms.
  • Francesca Ciceri (MadameZou) - Really really really a BIG thank you, not only for this year work but also for previous years: to have the chance to watch talks and BOFs even if you weren't present is fantastic. So, again, thank you and see you in Mana-Managua! ps: I think I'll watch again all talks (even those that I attended!)
  • Riccardo Stagni (riccio) - I can only say "thanks" (for anything, real video work, drinking and chatting together and so on)! See you in ManaManagua!
  • Alice Ferrazzi - thank you videoteam! your works is excellent!!! i always loved to watch the live streaming and save videos of interesting talks.

[edit] Madagascar

  • Thierry Randrianiriana - Thank you video team! the image and audio were excellent, keep up your good work!

[edit] Nicaragua

  • n0rman: I really did not know how hard is to work on the video team until i saw all your work! you are really amazing guys! thank you so much, with your work, people who does not attend DebConf can see all the conferences and have the sensation that they are on DebConf :) GOOD WORK! YOU ROCK! :)
  • leogg: Well, I didn't have to travel to be at DebConf in Banja Luka after all. The quality of the live streaming is impressive, it really shows the great amount of work and dedication that was put on this. Thank you so much, video team ninjas!! Looking forward to work with you at DebConf12!

[edit] Portugal

  • Rui Branco - Thank you guys! You made it possible for me to assist all conferences I wanted with excellent image and audio quality!

[edit] Thailand

  • Theppitak Karoonboonyanan - Thank you video team! I am looking forward to seeing the videos to catch up with some sessions I missed while I joined another room. My fellows in Thailand have also followed the event from the live stream. Many of us have difficulties with English (or some have fallen asleep due to the different time zone) and will rely on your works to study it. Thank you for all your hard work!

[edit] Wild Wild West-Germany

  • Sedat Dilek (dileks) - Thanks and \o/ to all members of the video-team, also to the orga-team in general. I have followed a lot of DC11 talks and some of my questions were brought from thousands of kilometers to the speakers :-). Especially, my "inquisitor #1" got algernon! It's a pity, there were no live-streams from the meeting-room.

[edit] Poland

  • Paweł Sadkowski (azhag) - As always you made a wonderful (I *mean* it, records/streams from other conferences aren't as much professional as yours!) job bringing DebConf to the whole Debian community away from conference. And I see that (some) records are already available for download — this year you have really exceeded yourself ;-). I agree with dileks above about meeting-room as few really interesting events took place there. At least sub-standard "amateur" records would be great, but I understand it would be difficult to organize. Anyway: thank you, video team. Kudos gals and guys, you rocks! :-)

[edit] Slovenia

  • Dejan Ribic - Thanks guys, for bringing such a quality live streaming, and hello from Slovenia.
  • Jure Repinc - Many thanks for doing a great job

[edit] Belgium

  • Fabian Culot - It was a real pleasure to follow the DC11 from Belgium. The quality was just perfect, WELL DONE!! Thank you very much and see you next year!

[edit] Serbia

  • Janos Guljas - Thanks for making video stream possible for friends that couldn't come, and for awesome work on video archive so we can see what we missed from overlapping talks. At the end we have our memories and video archive. :-)
  • Milos Knezevic - Thanks for the truly awesome work! Streaming was neat and the fact that I'll be able to take a look at the lectures I wasn't able to attend is priceless \o/

[edit] Indonesia

  • Zaki Akhmad - these videos are very helpful for those who couldn't attend the meetings and get bored when reading the materials :-) many thanks!!!

[edit] Other Country

  • Your Name - Please write following this model.

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