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[edit] Problems?

Should you at any given time encounter problems ( lost, heavy luggage...), do not hesitate to call attendee emergency number!

[edit] Railway Station to Main Bus Station

The railway station is located very close to the Main Bus Station, so one can just walk between them. On the map below, the railway station is marked by 1 and the main bus station by 2. The distance in between is ~150m. For further transportation info, please read Arriving by bus.

Railway Station and Main Bus Station

[edit] Taxi

Taxi numbers can be found here Arriving-Taxi

[edit] Costs

  • to Hotel Bosna : ~8KM [~4€]
  • to Hotel Vidovic : ~10KM [~5€]
  • to Banski Dvor : ~8KM [~4€]
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