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[edit] Problems?

Should you at any given time encounter problems ( lost, heavy luggage...), do not hesitate to call attendee emergency number!

[edit] From Airport to City

There will be no shuttles to and from Banja Luka airport. We apologize for the inconvenience, but costs of such services are too high. The only solution include Taxi or calling one of our emergency contact numbers and we will see if we're able to arrange transportation by one of our attendees who has a car.

Airport is located 30 kilometers from town

[edit] Taxi

Taxi numbers can be found here Arriving-Taxi

[edit] Costs

  • to Hotel Bosna : (needs to be checked first)
  • to Hotel Vidovic : (needs to be checked first)
  • to Banski Dvor : (needs to be checked first)
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