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I'm planning to get some -free as in beer- Squeeze Stickers. I only have 20 stickers, if there is not 20 people, or if someone on the list does not claim the stickers I will leave the stickers on frontdesk the last day(Jul/30).

--ReneMayorga 03:05, 13 July 2011 (UTC)

Please write your name below and ping me on IRC to claim yours at DebConf.

Num Name email IRC Delivered
1 Marcelo Gutierrez mmgc84 Yes
2 Eduardo Rosales jimbodoors Yes
3 Nattie nattie at dc dot o nattie Yes
4 Tássia Camões tassia Yes
5 Miguel Landaeta nomadium Yes
6 Valessio Brito valessio at debianart dot org valessio Yes
7 Tiago Vaz tiago Yes
8 Holger Levsen h01ger Yes
9 Alexander Reichle-Schmehl tolimar
10 David Prévot taffit Yes
11 Mehdi Dogguy mehdi Yes
12 Stefano Rivera tumbleweed Yes
13 Martin Bagge brother@d.o brother-
14 Vanessa Gutiérrez titacgs Yes
15 Micah A. micah@d.o micah Yes
16 Norman García norman at riseup dot net n0rman Yes
17 Christoph Göhre gris@d.o gris Yes?
18 Guido Günther agx@d.o godiug
19 Philipp Kaluza pixelpapst Yes
20 Judit Foglszinger urbec Yes
<Num> <Name> <email> <IRC>
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