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Below is the sample of text to be included in a small leaflet for local media coverage

[edit] ====================================== Front Side ======================================

Plans are underway for the 2011 Debian Developers conference "DebConf11". The purpose of this event is to promote the awareness of the Debian Project, as well as free and open-source software and its community.

As the Debian Project does not engage in commercial activities, it depends solely on donations and sponsors. Finding these sponsors however, would require help from local media, in order to inform the broader public about this event.

To achieve this, the DebConf11 Local Team relies on media partnerships with respected organizations to help us communicate the event, to increase exposure and provide details surrounding it.

In today's society it is quite obvious that the media can reach more people than anything else and we, as a voluntary-based organization, require attention from the public and interested parties. Thus your help is needed. Media Partners are not just from the host nations, we welcome Media Partners from anywhere in the world.

What are Media Partners
Print, radio ,TV and online news papers companies, international press groups and agencies who are ready to present this event to the public.

[edit] ====================================== Back Side ======================================

Days of importance:

  • July 17 "DebCamp" - Beginning of DebCamp
  • July 24 "Debian Day" - Beginning of the Conference and
  • July 30. "End" - Last day of the Conference

Some of our media partnerships benefits:

  • Recognition at the FrontDesk [1]
  • Identified by name as a media partner in DebConf11 "Plan and Program" [2]
  • Cover some of the talks [3]
  • A thank you note in DebConf11 Final Report ... i know, lame...
  • i run out of ideas... need few more

If you want to find out more, please mail us at: [4] or visit our website at

We hope you will consider supporting our Conference!

 [1] Have a board at the frontdesk titled "Local Media Coverage" or "Thank to our media partners"...
 [2] Have a "Plane & Program" for attendees, with talk schedule, maps, and somewhere in between, a page with thank you
 [3] Allow them to cover some of the talks perhaps? The whole Debian Day?...
 [4] either create localmedia@dc.o or use some other? (sponsorship@dc.o?)
 [*] Stress the difference between sponsors and media partners
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