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h1. Application status: To Be Defined
      Current document under development: 

h2. Project name: DebConf

h3. Project purpose and goal(s)

p. DebConf ( ) is the annual meeting for parties interested
  on Debian GNU/Linux-BSD ( ) open and free software distribution.
  Debian Developers join DebConf annual event and have the opportunity to meet with
  Debian interested parties: companies doing activities on free and open source activities,
  other open and free software projects and individuals interested).

p. DebConf11 ( ) is held this year at Banja Luka, Bosnia and
  Herzegovina. As well as Debian, DebConf, is organized by community members which make
  sure that everything is in place before schedule to be able to stream and record the talks
  and presentations, to organize accomodation and food sponsorship for all those requesting it,
  to sponsor travel for all those attendees that request it. All this effort would not be possible
  without our valuable sponsors, which Qt and Nokia have done in the past.

h3. How the project relates to using Qt

p. DebConf is a social event where developers have the opportunity to meet and discuss better
  practices to improve current status on Debian operative system. Qt is a key component of Debian
  and base core of KDE desktop, which Debian distributes for more than 11 different architectures
  (including x86_32, x86_64, arm (soft), arm (hardfp), mips, mipsel, m68k, hppa, alpha, ia64, s390, ..) and different kernel bases as BSD, Linux or Hurd.

h3. Planned deliverables

p. DebConf, being a social event, will deliver better contacts within Debian distribution to provide
  better support for Qt core base as well as Qt based applications.

p. An annual report is written and given to all our sponsors after the conference has happened.
  (i.e. "last year report": is publicly available)

h3. Interesting community facts

p. Looking after input at
p. TBD

h3. Participation in the Qt Ambassador Program:

p. TBD

h3. Amount of support required

p. * Most interesting contribution to DebConf is becoming a sponsor, so DebConf
  has a set of different categories for sponsors that is publicly available at


p. * See

h3. Timeline
p. DebConf11 happens after DebCamp, a developer camp where Debian teams have the
  opportunity to work physically together and contribute to Debian distribution code base.
  DebCamp will take place from 17th to 23rd July 2011.

p. DebConf 11 will be held in Banja Luka, in Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina,
  from 24th to 30th July 2011.

p. For more details, please see

h3. Link to the project page


h3. Contact person details

p. Hector Oron
Tel: +44 (0)1954 281226
Norman Way Industrial Estate
Cambridge CB24 5QE
United Kingdom

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