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This page documents the registration process for DebConf11. Right now, this is a draft and thus needs reality checking from the local team and comments from others. Feel free to edit this page directly.


[edit] Registration categories

[edit] Categories

  • Corporate registration (€1000) USD 1400/week - includes accommodation and food, if desired.
  • Professional registration (€450) USD 650/week - includes accommodation and food, if desired.
  • Sponsored registration (food+accommodation provided) Free. Has a deadline for registration.
  • Basic registration. Free. (no accommodation or food provided.)

Prof. and Corp that want accommodation should pay before some deadline through SPI or FFIS, so that we can reserve the room for them. After such deadline, we won't be making the reservations.

Then, each of these categories will have these choices:

  • Accommodation
    • Regular Room (or
    • I will arrange my own accommodation
  • Food (this is more for planning purposes rather than a binding choice for attendees -- question to everyone)
    • I plan to eat on-site, and no restrictions on food
    • I plan to eat on-site, and want vegetarian food
    • I plan to eat on-site, and want vegan food
    • I won't eat on-site

There will be a note If you are sponsored and want to help with part of the cost of room or food, please make a donation (link to payments page), and mail registration@ if you want an invoice.. (Suggestion: we could suggest approx. prices of food/accom so people know how much they should donate)

If people want a discount for only staying part of the week, they can mail us directly and ask. We could say something like "$N days or less, you can have a discount", perhaps.

[edit] Timeline

  • Registration opens: ASAP
  • Sponsored registration deadline: May 8
  • Last chance for DebConf housing changes:

[edit] Registration page text

(drafting, copy to website and remove from here when registration opens) All moved to (revision 2559), for last version on wiki, see oldid .

[edit] Registration announcement

Subject: DebConf11 registration opens

Registration is now open for DebConf11. For registration instructions, please see

DebConf11 will take place in Banja Luka, in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina from Sunday 24th to Saturday 30th July, 2011. DebConf will be preceded by DebCamp, from Sunday 17th to Saturday 23rd July, 2011. DebCamp is a smaller, less formal event intended for group work on Debian projects.

The sponsored registration deadline is 8 May.

Again, this year, we will have basic, sponsored, professional (€450), and corporate (€1000) registration categories. Travel sponsorship is again available.

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