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[edit] Quito's DC 11 Budget Draft

Update: please find our updates for the RC1 budget.

  • This is a very preliminar draft of how much could it cost to host DC11 in Quito, Ecuador.
  • We're working to update this to 2011 expectations. Take into account 5% inflation.
  • All prices are quoted in USD, since USD is the local currency.
  • Numbers have been calculated planning to host 400 people during DebConf and 100 people during DebCamp.

[edit] Accommodation

Update: we secured 352 rooms at 20 USD/person/night tops in La Mariscal. Including breakfast.

  • The highest price we got quoted per person/night is 20 USD in two-bed rooms.
  • We expect to allocate 70,000 USD for this.
  • In comparison, DC7 allocated under 30,000 USD in hostel rooms and DC6 spent around 54,000 USD in food and accommodation.

[edit] Food

Update: We'll only provide lunch. Breakfast should be included in the accommodation and dinner will be optionally paid. We expect to allocate around 20,000 USD for this.

  • We've been initially quoted with 5 USD/person/meal.
  • We expect to allocate 35,000 USD for this.
  • In comparison, DC7 allocated around 12,000 USD for this and DC6 spent around 54,000 USD in food and accommodation.

[edit] Travel sponsorship

  • We can allocate between 16,000 and 32,000 USD for this.
  • This way we could bring 35 to 70 people (15% US, 55% LatAm, 30% Europe)
  • In comparison, DC7 allocated around 18,000 USD for this, and DC6 allocated around 40,000 USD for this.

[edit] Venue

Update: We expect a University to fully sponsor the venue.

  • We can allocate 5,250 USD for the first week and 10,500 for the second week, for a grand total of 15,750 USD.
  • In comparison, DC7 allocated around 16,000 USD for this.

[edit] Transportation

Update: We expect all premises to be on walking distance. Special bus for persons with specific mobility needs can be arranged.

  • The highest price we got quoted is 1,000 USD per each bus, so it's 2,000 USD two buses/week.
  • Neither DC6, DC7 or DC8 had significant expenses here.

[edit] Additional connectivity

Update: We expect a local sponsor to cover for this.

  • Even though the venue provides DSL access, we got a quotation of 700 USD/month per 2 Mbps FC links at the venue.
  • If we expect to have four of those, then we'll have to pay around 3,000 USD/month.
  • Note: a local company already committed to pay for addt'l connectivity.

[edit] RC1 budget comparison

  • DC7 got around 111,000 USD income out of 180,000 USD budgeted, and DC6 made up a 150,000 USD budget.
  • Our initial budget, which is not final since we're probably oversizing it and we also have to take inflation into account, sums to 111,750 USD.
  • Taking 2008's inflation into account (9%) we could be around 140,000 USD or less.
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