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[edit] DebConf11 Presentation

If you have any ideas/suggestions please put it all here, and we will discuss it on IRC or the mailing list.

[edit] Ideas/Suggestions

[Enis]I'd keep the presentation with actual number of slides - short, only up to 10 slides. People generally don't like presentations which are hard to follow, i.e. presentations with many slides and lots of text on it.

During DC11 presentation we should address:

- Coming to Bosnia (just name the options, rest is available either on Wiki or through links in comments, make sure to notice that cheaper flights are generally available for Zagreb airport)

- Getting visas (we need top 5, or top 10 countries with most visitors for average DebConf and check who actually needs visa), also make sure to notice that we'll have help from local government body and someone in charge for visas

- Security issues (we don't want anyone creating stories of DC7 type)

- Some details on accommodation and venue itself with special attention on fact that all facilities are in close proximity

- Details on sponsorship

- Finish with slide that we don't want to make yet another DebConf, but better DebConf with better conference organization, networking, facilities, speakers and with more time for organized sightseeing

That is about 10 slides and a 25-30 min presentation. You could remove most pictures and keep them for classic slideshow, while having remaining time for Q&A. [/Enis]

[Aleksandar] Peti slajd kao gdje se tacno nalazi Banja Luka mislim da bi bolje bilo staviti neku mapu sa par vecih gradova i istaci Banja Luku ova mapa koja je podjeljena u da nazovem "regije" gradova mi nekako stvara vecu konfuziju.

Od 39 - 52 slajda su mi slike malo suvisne. Eto toliko od mene.


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