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DebConf11 invites sponsors and participants to present posters during the DebConf poster session.

[edit] Submitting a poster

Please follow the instructions under the call for contributions to submit an intent to present a poster. Submit your event as type Poster. (Note: You can't submit poster events yet, but this will become available soon.)

The format of the poster session is still to be decided. We will decide on the format based on the submissions received, but will probably involved a place to have posters visible throughout the week, and a session for poster owners to stand by their posters for people to come by and chat.

[edit] Why?

Having written matter posted will allow a greater number of people to see of your work than a single talk can provide. It can provide an introduction to your talk, an opportunity for follow-up, or a way to reach a broader audience for a week-long discussion.

Some ideas include:

  • Slides from talks
  • Schematics and descriptions of utilities or infrastructure - get more users
  • Information on teams and their workflows - help recruit members
  • Future plans - to get feedback
  • Independent research performed by attendees

[edit] Poster formats

A poster can be either individual or from a team.

A typical academic poster is a large printout on A0 (80x110cm) paper conveying information about research. For examples, search "computer science poster". This can require significant layout work, significant printing cost (> 50 USD), and hassle in transportation. This level of detail is not required.

You may use the "slides format", where one prints out a series of A4 sheets of paper with their ideas and posts them. This makes it easy to turn any presentation into a poster. This can be easily carried, cheap to print, and can be done on-site. Even just having slides from your talk posted will help promote discussion about your talk and learn what they have missed.

Creative people or teams could do a twist on the traditional format by having attendees write feedback directly on the poster. Very creative teams could provide a mostly blank poster, and see if people work together to flesh out ideas like a real-life wiki.

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