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This wiki page was designed to answer procedural questions so Penta could be tailored for all our needs.

Please ask any questions that you may have here so they could be answered.

[edit] Professional attendees registration

Scenario 1

They register in Penta, they also have the option if they want food by the price listed (same as for sponsored attendees).

Based on registration information from penta, we figure out which hotels to send them to.We could also make the list of professional attendees and on which day they are supposed to arrive. We provide hotels with names of professional attendees so they get the same prices as we are paying for sponsored attendees.

Once the day comes, they come to hotel, they check in and pay at the conference end, or at the very start, this is completely up to them.

In case they have not shown up, and after they have been contacted it is clear that they are not coming to the conference, an email to the mailing lists is sent if anyone who's sponsored wants to be in the hotel they were supposed to be, instead of for example being at the dorms or somewhere else. .

[edit] Food

Every category that's registering should be able to have this option which could simply be ticked.

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