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( Process issues )

  • local advertising of Debian Day [added to Teams page]
  • upstream network link should be set up and tested 1 week before DebCamp
  • prepare conference bags [mailed list about this]

-- want 400 (?) copies of the "Tourist Guidebook Banja Luka -- discover - experience - love BANJA LUKA" leaflet with map, in English [raised in "shipping address for flyers" localteam thread]

  • separate sponsor bags, post to sponsors!
  • shuttle buses from Zagreb airport -- remind attendees to keep passports with them during this trip!
  • registration, give conference badge + bag (printed with sponsor logos; containing info, t-shirt)
  • hotel instructions / room allocation / need to check-in at hotel?

[late night check in possible at all hotels? need to warn them?]

  • DebCamp: need internal network; hacklabs (more of both as week goes on)
  • Debian Day -- keynote from President? if so, need text prepared to introduce, and perhaps a reception for him?

-- arrange in advance a press release about what he'll say -- versions from government and from Debian

  • DebConf: hacklabs still, also talk rooms (with video), BOF rooms
  • day trip
  • check-out from hotel
  • shuttle buses to Zagreb airport -- remind attendees to keep passports with them during this trip!


  • need to get out Debian press release following Monday's meeting with the Minister [mailed list]
  • need Google (+other big company) speaker for Debian Day
  • still need to know *how* e.g. t-shirt payment will work
  • what is relevance of Zeljana Jovicic? expected to help practically, or just contact if we have a problem? (ask Adnan)
  • as well as t-shirts, print conference bags -- pref. thin material like DC10 [mailed lists]
  • information about Debian and DebConf in Bosnian for local press pack


  • check if they (the important ones of them) asked for accommodation, suggest we fix for them if not
  • get list of names, emails who we met? but hope all on -localteam list anyway [Adnan got list]


  • look up / ask others re [mailed localteam list]
    • Strikina cave (Strikina pecina)
    • monastery of St Elijah (1289)
    • church log cabin (XVI century)
    • medieval town Greben (1192)

-- sounds like these are up same direction as rafting?


  • book rooms for DebCamp week (and also confirm whole building for main DebConf!)
  • room use -- need at least one hacklab downstairs -- and not really good to use (nice) BOF room upstairs
  • 24 hour access? need to know practicalities for opening hours and security if open overnight
  • ask about layout -- to estimate lengths for cabling etc.
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