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Message sent 2011-05-30.

Subject: Thank you note to the Minister for Science and Technology from the Debian Project

Dear Prof. Dr. Jasmin Komić, [check what is appropriate term of address here]

Thank you very much for taking the time to meet us in the Ministry and later over lunch during our visit to Banja Luka. We very much appreciate your support for Debian and DebConf, and look forward to a successful conference which benefits the Republic of Srpska. Currently 429 people from 50 different countries have registered their intention to attend the main week of the conference.

Holger and I were very impressed by the facilities offered by Banski Dvor and Hotel Bosna, and are confident that they will provide an ideal space for DebConf. We were also glad to be able to meet with Zoran Sanković from the Tourist Board, who was very helpful in answering our questions about possibilities for the conference banquet and tourist activities. We have already sent a summary message about our trip to others in the Debian Project,

The local team members, including university students, showed great enthusiasm for having DebConf in their city, and we are sure they will play an important part in making sure that all the conference events are run as smoothly as possible.

We both look forward eagerly to returning to Banja Luka in July.

Dr Moray Allan
DebConf Chair, Debian Project

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