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[edit] What‽

Yes. We are giving away a HP Mini 2102 laptop. Why? HP gave it to DebConf during DebConf10, and it spent several months in the previous year's organizer's hands. They brought it to Banja Luka, and don't want to take it back.

Keeping a netbook as property of DebConf does not seem very useful, as the computer is underpowered for many of the tasks we usually need (i.e. video work). And even if it were a good frontdesk machine, it would mean 11.5 months a year gathering dust — Not an exciting prospect for it!

[edit] Specs

The computer is currently in the possession of Luca Capello (Gismo) and will be used at frontdesk during DebConf11, in case you want to look at it. The basic characteristics are:

  • 2GB RAM
  • N450 Atom CPU
  • 1.66GHz
  • I _think_ it has an extended (6-cell) battery

As the machine currently still boots with Windows 7, I was not brave enough to gather further information. Please fill it in here if you get it.

[edit] Mechanics

Giving away a laptop just as a raffle is not particularly a good idea, as probably it would end up with somebody not really needing (or even wanting) it. So, we decided to make a list of people interested in receiving it, along with a short reason on why they need it.

From the following list, we will just draw a name at random.

Name Reasoning
Eduardo Rosales I don`t have a laptop, I can`t aford one, and always borrow one for a local and regional events
Zlatan Todoric On DebConf11 I am using my friends lap. It would help in studying and in my NM process, especially combining those two in future.
Jana Wisniowska for pr, demo and educative purpese. i'm giving/planning talks/workshops for beginner and advanced beginner. there are offen people comming without laptops or with a "wrong" os. i also work in booth on events such as linuxtag. we bring our own laptops and show just some applications, ususally don't let people realy work with. and the performance of live cd is often quite low. so i'm tired to say: but if u install it on your disk, it will work fluently ;)'
Nemanja Krecelj I need it, for many reasons :) I don't have mini laptop, have one 17" and its my Desktop PC. I am here from Banja Luka, and it will be beautiful memory of DebConf. :)
Edin Cenanovic I need the mini laptop for school. I have only a PC, and I can't afford myself a mini laptop. That would help me a lot at school, especially becouse I study IT.
blarson I could use a portable machine that isn't falling apart with a dieing battery.
Safir Secerovic I do not have a computer at all and would use this netbook for developing Debian.
René Mayorga I have being working with my old AcerOne netbook for 3 years, so far it looks like the HD will fail soon, I don't have any other _personal_ computer, just the one proided by $JOB, and on that computer I don't do any Debian work, so It will be nice to have a new netbook to replace this one :)
Jose Antonio Quevedo My netbook's fan is failing so this HP would solve this issue. But I'm also worried because of being hearing voices commanding me to purge the virusInside.
Aleksandar Milic Currently I have an old laptop. So should we welcome to get better one for study and programming.
Milan Knezevic Can't explain, I JUST NEED IT!
Mladen Markovic I need this laptop because I can't carry my Desktop anymore.
Gunnar Wolf This year my laptop was stolen. I have the minilaptop I brought to DebConf, but its short battery and dying keyboard are driving me nuts. I intended to buy a computer after returning, but my airplane ticket was over US$1300 more expensive than what I expected to spend :-/ I would really prefer a "real" (full, larger) laptop, but this can surely help.
Bojana Borkovic I don't have my own laptop, I have to share current one with my brother and sister (who are using it 24/7), so it would be really nice to actually have a laptop/netbook which I actually *own*.
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