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[edit] Priority List

[edit] "affordable" for both sponsors and attendees

Outside of the peek season the conference can affordably be held in Munich. Travel is cheap and easy. Hotel and hostel prices are ok off-season (end of August e.g.).

We have support from City goverment plus University IT people for debconf, that should safe us quite some money.

[edit] strong, mature, experienced local team

There ares several Debian envolved people in the local team. We have the support of the city via the LiMux project, which also will very likely help getting sponsorship from local companies.

[edit] good working spaces

LMU mathematics has enough rooms available for us so we can have multiple larger and smaller rooms. There are also good working / sitting opportunities in the corridors and outside if weather permits it.

[edit] excellent network connectivity

The LMU mathematic is connected to the DFN, the high-speed network between Germans universities. We have buy-in from the local IT people there.

[edit] quality and quantity of food and drink in close proximity

Munich has a lot of different restaurants with a large scale on quality and prices. During summer time all the people flock together in the many Biergarten (beer gardens) all over the city.

[edit] suitable accommodation in close proximity

There are several hostels and hotels around the central station, where all our planned venues center around. This also includes the main IT shopping area and several smaller international supermarkets. If we book some time in advance, it's no problem to host everbody in the same hostel. Some hotels are just around the corner.

[edit] presentation facilities

Each room has a video projector. The larger rooms have built-in microphone systems.

[edit] travel logistics

Global: Munich has a large airport with multiple direct connections to large cities all over the world. It is besides Frankfurt the central Lufthansa hub. See e.g. for lufthansa-flights.

For train-travelling Europeans, Munich is easily reachable from all sides. There are direct trains from as far as Paris, Moskow, Rom, ....

Internal: Munich has a very steady and experienced public transport system with good connections, and short interlink ways. Public transport is 24x7 for the debconf-relevant lines.

[edit] accessibility

Accessibility is very good in Munich. Public Transport is fully accessable, as well as all public buildings.

[edit] Good Points About Other Bids

Looking at the pdf Berlin people seem to have much time to burn. And of course, being not in Munich will safe our time.

Apart from that, Berlin is cheaper to stay than Munich (but more effort to travel to). The proposed venue is cheaper than any of the three possible Munich venues (even though there is no backup venue).

[edit] Weak Points of our Bid

  • The overall costs will very likely be higher then in Berlin.
  • Bid could be a bit more mature (like e.g. pre-contracts could be available)
  • Bid is not polished yet, but just rough facts => perhaps not shiny enough
  • Distance venue <=> hostel = 5 minutes is already quite much
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