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Please sign up here for the visit to the Trappist monastery planned for Saturday 23 July.

We will probably leave from Banski Dvor at 14:30. This visit may be of interest to the cheese cabal, as the monks continue to make and sell their own cheese. (They used to make beer as well, but unfortunately there are not enough monks left to continue this!)

It sounds like we will take 20-30 minutes to get there using a bus, then have a tour, then come back, so the overall trip length might be a couple of hours.

If you would to come along, please sign up below.

[edit] Afternoon tour (around 20 places)

  1. Vedran Novakovic
  2. Moray Allan
  3. Nattie Meyer-Hutchings
  4. Clint Adams
  5. Christian Perrier
  6. Gunnar Wolf
  7. Regina Daichman
  8. David Prévot
  9. Gaudenz Steinlin
  10. Thomas Lange
  11. Paul Wise
  12. Joachim Breitner
  13. Bojana Borkovic
  14. Judit Foglszinger
  15. Michael Banck
  16. Vanessa Gutiérrez
  17. Dererk
  18. Nicolas François
  19. Andreas Tille
  20. Philipp Kern
  21. Andreas Barth

[edit] Possible morning tour

If there is enough interest, we will also organise a visit in the morning -- the monks have their lunch at 12.30, so the tour would need to be finished before that.

(Sign up here if the afternoon group is full.)

  1. dkg (who wishes this was a beer monastery)
  2. dba
  3. AndrewLee (Cheese and beer both fine. I eat and drink them all.)
  4. ReneMayorga
  5. Felipe Augusto van de Wiel
  6. Ana Carolina Comandulli
  7. Jeremy Baron
  8. Thomas Goirand
  9. Víctor Martínez
  10. Micah A.
  11. Michael Bramer
  12. Mike

Question: When the morning group leaves?

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