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Please sign up here if you want to join a tour on the bike during DebConf11.

[edit] Basic info:

  • Start at 18:15 in front of the venue or 18:30 at the bicycling shop.
  • The bike shop is in walking distance (1km or so) from venue
  • 15 20 bikes available for renting
  • Rental price: 2KM / hour

See this mail for all the details and the latest status.

[edit] Evening tour on 29/07 (around 15 20 bikes available for rent)

  1. Axel Beckert (has his own bike here)
  2. Damyan Ivanov
  3. Andreas Tille
  4. Didier Raboud (clashes with Mobile UX BoF)
  5. Gunnar Wolf
  6. Daniel Glassey
  7. Gergely Nagy
  8. Lucas Nussbaum
  9. Wookey
  10. Csillag Tamas
  11. Tiago
  12. Tássia
  13. Gaudenz
  14. Michael Schutte
  15. Asheesh Laroia
  16. Ian Jackson
  17. Annette (has her own bike here)
  18. Tincho (damn, I'm too late... is there any other place to rent?)
  19. Micah (damn, I'm too late too?!)
  20. Piotr Ożarowski
  21. Mònica Ramírez Arceda (too late?)
  22. Regina Daichman (fits?)
  23. Lior Kaplan
  24. Joost van Baal-Ilić ("registered" by email early this week...)

(That's all 15 20 rental bikes assigned already. There are rumours about two more private bicycles from locals. So just come with us and we'll see)

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