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[edit] Debconf11 Banja Luka Local Team

Our Local Team for the Debconf11 Bid in Banja Luka is as follows (in no particular order):

Adnan Hodzic aka AbsintheSyringe

  • DC11 main organizer, Team/bid Leader
  • DC10 organizer, DC9 volunteer, video team, DC7 local team member Sarajevo bid (dc7 participant);
  • Debian Java team, eclipse-ide, Debian Mozilla Packages, Debian Start!, package maintainer
  • Student of IT on AUBIH/SUNY (
  • Participated/devel in many open source project from Wormux to Wordpress, Joomla etc ...
  • Linux users since ~1999, had my own free (community based) web hosting "business", core team BHLD2 ...
  • Slackware devel, in process of becoming official Debian devel ... seriously STFW :)

Velimir Iveljic

  • Studying at Vienna University of Technology (Computer Engineering)
  • DC7 local team member Sarajevo bid, DC10 volunteer
  • GNU/Linux (Debian) user and supporter

Vedran Omeragic

  • Student of Informatics and Software Engineering at Technical University Vienna
  • Linux user (Debian & Ubuntu) and Open Source supporter

Enis Sahinovic

  • Chief Editor of leading hardware e-zine,
  • PR & Marketing Manager
  • Event organizer
  • Leader of local Folding@home community
  • Game, Ladder & Cup Supervisor at ClanBase

Emir Mahmutbegovic

  • Student of Information Technology at Technical University Vienna , Austria
  • GNU/Linux user/enthusiast from 1998 (Slackware, Debian, Red Hat)
  • Cisco Network Engineer
  • Security Consultant / Penetration Testing
  • C/C++/Java Programming
  • One of founders of Linux user group of Bosnia and Herzegovina (
  • Inet ISP , Tuzla
  • DeepSec conference participant , Vienna
  • Focus on with experience: Linux clustering (HA clusters), Firewall clusters (cisco , check point), Distributed and redudant networks, VoIP/Asterisk impelentations and consulting, Storage

Adnan Sadzak

  • Senior system/network administrator @ Microcredit Foundation MI-BOSPO, Tuzla
  • H&H Inc system administrator
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Penetration tester
  • Cisco CCNA
  • Allied Telesyn CASE
  • Python/Django
  • One of founders and former security coordinator of Linux user group of Bosnia and Herzegovina (
  • IFC, "Introduction to ISO 27001:2005 Information Security Management Systems"
  • Inet Tuzla, ISP From the Ground Up
  • US Army, Eagle Base - Wireless network implementation
  • US Army, Coyote Base - Wireless/LAN network implementation
  • US Army, Fiala Base - Wireless/LAN network implementation

Srecko Toroman

  • member of local team for DebConf7 Sarajevo bid
  • initial creator and maintainer of LUG Banja Luka
  • free software enthusiast, Debian user for 5+ years
  • International informatics competitions participant
  • former Serbian translation leader for Wesnoth
  • team leader at

Ivan Jelic

  • founder and chairman of the board of the Free Software Network Serbia
  • creator of the Serbian Debian GNU/Linux community forum
  • founder and former coordinator of the Serbian Ubuntu LoCo team
  • Free Software Foundation Europe Team member
  • founder and coordinator of Document Freedom Day, global initiative for Open Stadards (
  • Debian and Ubuntu GNU/Linux system administrator
  • Technical director of the Web at B92 (
  • IT journalist

Bojana Borkovic

  • Student of Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Banjaluka (Computer Science and Informational Technology department)
  • Using GNU/Linux for 3 years
  • One of the initiator of Linux community group in Banja Luka /RS

Vladimir Atanackovic

  • Postgraduate student, researching communication theory, BSc in Communications, MA residence in Cultural Studies;
  • IT Manager - creator of digital communications infrastructure, code and content for International Medical Centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2009-2010;
  • Systems Administrator at IBM GSDC CZ, UNIX Division FSSO Team, 2008-2009;
  • Associate in outlining and implementation of “Komunikacija/Communication” ( ) regional data­base of electronic publications;
  • Associate in technology and education at Banjaluka College of Communications, 2003-2005;
  • Administrator, translator for BSDSerbia team since 2005,
  • FLOSS enthusiast.

Vedran Ljubović

  • Current president and one of founders of Linux Users Group of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • BSc in Computer Science, currently employed as TA at Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo
  • Member of local team for DebConf7 Sarajevo bid
  • Localization lead for Bosnian language for: KDE, Mandriva Linux, former l10n lead for
  • Developer on several opensource projects (EDE, BHLD, Zamger), contributor to many projects

Goran Rakic

  • Serbian Native-Lang team lead since December 2007
  • Team member of Free Software Network Serbia - a NGO dedicated to the free software issues in Serbia and local partner of FSF Europe
  • GNOME Foundation member
  • Google Summer of Code 2006 student
  • free software activists and developer
  • student at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade, Serbia

Nikola Kapraljevic

  • secretary of Croatian Linux user group
  • graduate student Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb, Croatia
  • Debian user
  • Ruby on Rails developer
  • located in Zagreb/Osijek

Vlatko Kosturjak

  • president of Croatian Linux Users Group (CLUG) - Hrvatska udruga Linux Korisnika (HULK)
  • Information Security Consultant at IBM ISS
  • Author of various security tools
  • Contributor to nmap, OpenVAS, nessus, snort, w3af, KDE, ...
  • Debian and Ubuntu user
  • DORS/CLUC (oldest and biggest traditional linux/open conference in the region)- cochairman, Jednostavno...Linux! cochairman, ...
  • Been on LinuxCon, CCC, Defcon, Black Hat, ...

Zlatan Todoric

  • Student of Mechanical Engineering in Banja Luka, subsection Mechatonics
  • Using GNU/Linux for 3 years (especially Debian and Debian derivate's)
  • Debian enthusiast.
  • Was providing help in system administration for Internergetik (ABB/Siemens selling company) and PLC programming

[edit] Faculty of Electrical Engineering Banja Luka

Members of local team for DebConf11 Banja Luka organization are:

Mihajlo Savic

  • Dipl. Eng. Computer Engineering and Automation
  • Assistant at University of Banja Luka Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Grid Infrastructure Manager and Project Steering Board memeber for SEE-GRID, SEE-GRID-2, SEE-GRID-SCI projects for Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Involved in SEEFIRE and SEEREN2 projects (topology, design, specification of academic and research network in BiH)

Aleksej Avramovic

  • Dipl. Eng. Electronics and Communications
  • Assistant at University of Banja Luka Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Involved in projects: Archiving and searching bases of radiology images, Lossless image compression and Lossless data compression.
  • In charge for videoconferencing at JU Sarnet, Academic and Research Network of Republic of Srpska

Dijana Vukovic

  • BScEE in Information Techology
  • Teacher's assistant at University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • Software developer at University of Banja Luka, University Computer Center
  • Involved in projects: RFID
  • Published several white papers about software security at IT conferences
  • Student on master studies at Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Banja Luka, department of Computer Science and Information Technology

[edit] The Government of Republic of Srpska

Members of local team for DebConf11 Banja Luka organization are:

Bakir Ajanovic

  • Minister of Science and Technology

Dragoljub Davidovic

  • Mayor of Banja Luka

Srdjan Rajcevic

  • Director of Agency for Information Technology Society in Republika Srpska

Krsto Grujic

  • Assistante of general secretary for Information Technology

Gordan Rudez

  • General secretary of Goverment of Republika Srpska

[edit] Supporting members

Other people that are eager to help, but are not from Balkan:

Eddy Petrisor aka eddyp

  • Romanian localization team coordinator, translator
  • part of Debian Games Team
  • dc7 participant, dc9 some volunteering

Andreas Schuldei aka stockholm

  • Debian Developer, DebConf 3, 4, 5 and 6 Orga Team Leader
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