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[edit] Artwork

[edit] Media Sponsorship Ads

  • The deadline for sending the add to Linux Journal is 31.05.2011.

The registrations have started and DebConf11 is much closer every day! Since now, we had luck in finding just the right people for the job of designing stuff needed for DebConf11 (logo, banners, website header, etc.).

Once again we need the expertise of the people who can do this kind of work, and this time it's about Media Ads! We need you to submit your proposals for a few Media Ads that are going to be in some local and some international magazines.

Here's what we have so far:

* From Adnan's mail to the debconf-team and debconf11-localteam lists:
  1. Nezavisne Novine

After my recent interview for Nezavisne Novine (Independent Newspapers) they expressed great interest in being one of the companies that would like to do the media coverage. They are ready to start printing out our ad in the daily newspapers, we just need to make one, now from very start I had two ideas for this one:

  1. 1.

There would be a tag cloud on the left, with names of all the cities DebConf was in so far; some of them being more highlighted/bigger while the others would be smaller ones/thinner/whatever. For example New York City, Helsinki, Olso, Edinburgh and so on ...

One city would be the thickest one and the largest one and would be coming out of that cloud and that would be "Banja Luka.

Below this we would have big DebConf11 logo.

While below this we would have logo of Government of Republika Srpska, DIVA, Debian (no particular order unless you think there should be some).

  1. 2.

Even though this is not a conference of such character, Government and other are especially pro for this conference as it brings specialist from all over the world.

My initial idea for second ad was to just say in some nice font (droid?) "Debian in Banja Luka?"

Below it DebConf11 logo and below it the logos I mentioned above.

  1. DebConf11 banners

This is another thing we should start thinking about, as some people already expressed interest in putting our banners on their sites/portals/so on. Another interesting gimmick could be the "count downs" until DebConfs.

We should prolly make some kind of contents for all the ideas I proposed here, but before that ... thoughts?

* end of mail

All interested to help with this, can just leave their propositions here in this section of this wiki page.

Thank you all for helping us making this a really awesome DebConf!!!

[edit] Ads (take one)

  • Ad 01: This is my first approach to the task. A tag cloud with the silhouette of the Banski Dvor buildning. Text in Bosnian (not sure if the spelling is ok - took most of it direct from the DC11 web).
  • Ad 02: A bit more simpler than the first one. A tag cloud forming the map of BiH.
  • Ad 03: With the DC11 logo.
  • Ad 04: A variation of Ad 01 with the silhouette of the Banski Dvor and surrounding buildnings in solid colors.
  • Ad 05: Tag cloud with names of previous venues. The position corresponds to their geographical location. Bigger text equals more atendees on those debconfs.
  • Ad 06: Debian swirl with the names of previous venues.

Made by Leandro Gómez and released under the GPLv2.

[edit] Banners

[edit] Campaign: Be A Sponsor!

Dc11b1 120.png Dc11b1 467.png
Dc11b1 180.png Dc11b1 179.png
Dc11b2 120.png Dc11b2 467.png
Dc11b2 180.png Dc11b2 179.png
* Use with url to

[edit] I'm going to banners

Inspired by the Guadec and aKademy 'I'm going to' web banners. Made by Leandro Gómez and released under the GPLv2.

* Use with url to

DC11 web 120x240 01.png DC11 web 120x240 02.png DC11 web 120x240 03.png
DC11 web 120x120 01.png DC11 web 120x120 02.png DC11 web 120x120 03.png

[edit] 113x45px banners

113x45 banner1.png 113x45 banner2.png 113x45 banner3.png
113x45 banner4.png 113x45 banner5.png 113x45 banner6.png

[edit] 138x55px banners

138x55 banner1.png 138x55 banner2.png 138x55 banner3.png
138x55 banner4.png 138x55 banner5.png 138x55 banner6.png

[edit] Countdown banners

Preview of countdown banners. Made by Leandro Gómez and released under the GPLv2. ToDo: script for banners.

DC11 countdown 120x240 01.png DC11 countdown 120x240 02.png
DC11 countdown 240x120 01.png DC11 countdown 240x120 02.png
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