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Definitions: twin room = room with two beds. double bed = big bed for couples.

Not to be confused with DebConf11/Documentation/Accommodation, which is used to report the progress of this issue.


[edit] Hotels

For each hotel, we need: cost per person for each type of room, and number of those types of rooms that exist.

  • Bosna: - prices (we should get discounts}
    • 300 total beds
    • We get:
      • 80 double
      • 40 twin
      • Total people: 80 + 2*40 = 160
    • Prices
      • Market prices: one single bed: 82€/59€, one double bed (one person): 112€/82€ (excluding food) (two prices are for "A LUX" and "B LUX", difference between these two is luxury treatment and more luxurious rooms.)
      • Our price: 75km/54$/38€ per person per night

  • Vidovici: -(may be out of date, not linked from main site)
    • 100 total beds
    • We get:
      • 32 - double
      • 8 - twin
      • 1 - three bed with seperate beds
      • 6 - twin + 1 separate bed
      • Total poeple: 32 + 2*8 + 1*3 + (2+1)*6 = 69
    • DIVA email says:
      • "60 people in case they are in room by themselves in double beds."
      • "101 people in case they are two or more people in those same rooms as they have rooms with more beds."
      • Total people: 101 it sounds like is the capacity.
    • Our price:
      • Market prices: one single bed: 82€/59€, one double bed (one person): 112€/82€ (excluding food)
      • Our price: 34.320km/18.109€/25.529$ per ???

  • Palas: - prices (we should get discounts)
    • 69 rooms: 18 double and 49 single
    • We get:
      • 5 twin
      • 6 double
      • 5 single
      • 10 three beds
      • Total people: 2*5 + 6 + 5 + 3*(10) = 51
    • DIVA email says:
      • "69 rooms: 18 double and 49 single"
      • Total people: 67 to 69 people... the addition doesn't work out.
    • Prices
      • Market prices: single room: 38€, double room: 77€ (I think this means two people) (bed and breakfast)
      • Our price: 45km/32$/23€ per ???

  • Student dorms
    • 1.5 kilometers away
    • Free to us (City's sponsoring it)
    • Around 100-120 (This is amount of single and twin rooms we can get at this point. If we want more rooms we could get more, all depending on how many students leave during this period, unknown as of now.)

[edit] Camping

A (unverified) list of camping sites around Banja Luka, ordered by distance. See also

[edit] Accommodation Plan

In penta people should have option to say something along the line "don't want to share my room with anyone" as we'll have a lot of double rooms.

Plan for DebCamp

Hotel we got to use even during the DebCamp is Bosna, Bosna is going to give us enough rooom for ~160 people. We requested that there will be 60 to 80 people there from 17th to 24th. After 24th to 31st rest of 80-100 attendees will join them in Bosna. Bosna is also the place where everybody will be eating (lunch + dinner). In Bosna we were planning to have the most double rooms, as most of the people attending DebCamp will want to be alone in their room. Also couples could be accommodated in doubled bedded rooms. We requested to get the most of double bedded rooms during DebCamp as we predicted that most of the people would like to be alone during this time period.

Plan for DebConf

In Bosna we're getting 40 more twin beds, while with DebConf we're getting another two Hotels for our use. Palas and Vidovici, again with these two we're getting most of the double beds, so by this time we could really use that "don't want to share my room with anyone" option.

Number of people these three hotels can accommodate is ~292 (we'll know the exact number after we get the papers from hotels)

As this is first DebConf in this region (Balkans) we could expect a big number of attendees from Balkans and since most of them can't even candidate as Debian contributors thus make themselves eligible for sponsored accomodation/food we have students dorms. Which could even be used if there wasn't enough to accommodate all "regular" DebConf attendees.

This would reach up to ~400 number attendees, number for which we vouch to accommodate. We could also expect big number of showing up as this whole event will be followed by big number of local media.

Common Questions:

  • Q: You described if we have more then enough of attendees, what if we have less then predicted/anticipated?

We would accommodate them in hotels, and wouldn't even go for dorms option.

  • Q: What is the situation regarding paying these hotels?

As of now they are reserved, we are not paying them anything, I will write here once we need to pay deposit as that one wasn't mentioned either. We would pay for what we get from hotels after DebConf was finished.

  • Q: What if some of the professional attendees didn't show up?

Professional attendees would pay by the prices we got for our sponsored attendees, before or after DebConf was finished. In case they haven't showed up, we would write to local mailing list that certain room/s is available for someone (sponsored) to jump in. As we need every room, because during this time period there's a lot of activities in the city and therefor we don't want to be left out of rooms, especially after we got them for such great price.

  • Q: Would attendees be able to come before or stay day-two later after conference in these hotels?

Yes, hotels seemed to be very flexible regarding the given dates.

  • Q: What's the accommodation stance on more luxurious accommodation for members from Canonical, Google, HP?

President of Republika Srpska expressed high interest in this topic, and would even give presidential apartments inside of the govt. building (that were built for visits from sheiks/etc)for high profile visitors from these companies. Bosna also offers luxurious apartments for these kind of guest, and we could have them. We would just need to let them know.

  • Q: Food?

Everyone would eat breakfast at the place they are stationed at. While all attendees would have lunch and dinner at hotel Bosna.

  • Q: Aren't dorms too far from Venue?

Even though it's a straight walk, we would have shuttles leaving everyday to Venue after breakfast.

If you would like me (Adnan) to answer to any of your questions regarding accommodation, please write it here and ping me on IRC or mailing list.

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