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Please give feedback on the live streams and a/v production for DebConf10 here.

We value your feedback, but too much during the live production can be overwhelming.

We will do our best to fix things as time permits.

    • the slides seem to occupy only 4/5th of the surface of the video, whereas video is fullsize : no need for black borders, and smallest page as possible renders slides more readable. May depend on presenters... only noticed during introductory keynote by Hans -- OlivierBerger


[edit] discussion of issues

  • here or on or in #debconf or #debconf-davis or #debconf-interschool - NOT in #debconf-video. thanks. we absolutly DO appreciate your feedback, but we need #debconf-video to coordinate our work. reporting streams which are down or severe audio issues (etc) is fine on #-video though. thanks again.

[edit] Which players work

  • please enter your player/distro here
  • vlc/lenny seems to be fine
  • mplayer/lenny has issues
  • Web client HTML5: page
  • Proposal page dc10: with html5 too.
  • xine/testing is OK, needs to click "start playing" sometimes
  • ffplay (ffmpeg package) / testing is OK, needs restarting sometimes)

[edit] Herman's remarks

  • Sound in Davis, Debian Day: Speech audible, but quite much hiss and crackling. And while quiet, the sound dies completely; no ambiance! Is there an aggressive gate that does this? Some low level audience ambience ("room tone") could mask this pumping hiss, making it less tiring to listen to.
  • Stream from Davis: Keeps glitching twice a minute, or more.
  • Video in Davis: Quality gets very poor when there is motion. Fixed bitrate with too small "bucket"?
    • The quality is actually much worse than streams from previous Debconfs.
  • Picture in Interschool: The Twinpact has overscan on, which leaves a thick black border around the screen.
  • Stream from Interschool: Stops frequently (player: totem/squeeze)

[edit] unixjazz remarks

  • we can fine-tune the theora/vorbis encoding with ffmpeg: FPS=15 (instead of 29.9), Audio Sample Rate=22100 (instead of 48k), Audio=Mono (instead of Stereo) - this might solve the glitching issue that was experienced by Karme and Herman (and for all the listeners/clients with limited bandwidth).

[edit] peres remarks

  • watching video from using vlc in Lenny, and the video hangs fairly often for a second or tree. When this happen, messages like "[0x9223fa4] main input error: ES_OUT_SET_(GROUP_)PCR is called too late (pts_delay increased to 4004 ms)". Would be nice if these hangups could be avoided.

[edit] Andreas Tilles remarks

  • On August 3rd no video in Davis. :-( (On August 2nd it was fine there with exception of the last talk #636 where audio was quite choppy)
  • In Interschool volume of sound could be higher. It can be high as I learned when the setup was tested.
  • Page is great in principle but seems to loop over random parts of the talks somehow

[edit] zumbi's remarks

Main camera on interschool room does not have a clean shoot to the speaker when people is in the room. In other words, you have to record heads of people sitting down on the first room.

Sound on interschool needs to be review. Even we have MAX level on the audio mixer, dvswitch level is still low. (This is after some changes done in-room before the talk by Wouter and others).

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