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[edit] backports

We will use a squeeze snapshot:

Tiago has ported from experimental:

  • main packages to be concerned about
    • ffmpeg 0.6
    • libtheora [2010-01-03] libtheora 1.1.1+dfsg.1-3 MIGRATED to testing
    • ffmpeg2theora 0.27
    • dvswitch built against latest ffmpeg
    • anything else we're forgetting?

Few notes about backports:

  • All backported packages have been built against a chrooted squeeze snapshot from 20100704T132725Z.
  • Backported packages are available in a http repository at
  • i386 only, but deb-src available.
  • That said, the following should go to video team sources.list:
deb squeeze main
deb tiago-dc10/
deb-src tiago-dc10/
  • Backported packages for dc10 have a modified Debian revision. Ex: ffmpeg_0.6-2+dc10.1_i386.deb where "+dc10" means it's built for Debconf 10 and ".1" identifies its build version. It's important since there are packages which are also present in squeeze snapshot but we want the same version built against backported libraries - so we avoid installing the squeeze version by someone who is not aware of our beautiful workarounds.

[edit] fai configs

  • installer needs some work
  • add firewall rules since we have public IPs
  • homer
    • if we have one, great
    • if not, ntp, mail relay and some other stuff needs to be sorted out
  • DEBCONF10/20-admin needs ud-replicate
  • DEBCONF10/10-fix-fqdn might need fixing ... or maybe it'll just work once we have dc10 dns
  • files/etc/postfix/*/postinst also need fixing (hostname issues and postfix not installed)
  • munin ...
  • smart
  • ssh key

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