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[edit] Meeting Agenda: Wednesday, August 25th, 18:00 UTC

We will try to work with a soft deadline of 1h and a hard one of 1,5h.

  • everybody says hi
  • hardware not at edrz (update the hw wiki page)
  • how to finish the videos
    • DebConf10/Videoteam/ReportBug only lists 4 videos with problems, but has more
    • delete videos which are marked D in penta?
    • how to take load from edrz (but only him has the tapes)
    • how to use the tape recordings?
    • when to disassemble barney/from where to run penta scripts after
    • how+when (+how often) to re-transcode everything
      • how to include valessio's intro+outro
      • how to add vp8 encodings
      • ditto for dirac encodings
  • dc10 videoteam budget - how much money did we use?
    • berlin shipping - solved?
  • videoteam + debconf + debian
    • plans for the future
  • next meeting

[edit] Meeting Agenda: Mon, July 26th, 15:00 EDT, meet in Davis Auditorium Lobby

  • introductions
  • Davis walk through
  • Interschool walk through (meeting will continue in Interschool)
  • plan for evening
  • questions and answers session
  • training sessions plan
  • choose a daily meeting time and place.

[edit] Meeting Agenda: Tuesday, 13th July, 19:00 UTC

  • software issues
    • squeeze snapshot + backports
  • hardware
    • what has/hasn't arrived where
    • shipping xf's camera?
    • 5 laptops from PyCon
  • AOB
  • next meeting

[edit] 6th July meeting cancelled because noone showed up

[edit] Meeting Agenda: Tuesday, 29nd June, 19:00 UTC

  • backporting and testing status
  • penta
  • gear
    • what has arrived where
    • machine builds/installs/tests
    • lighting kit?
  • AOB
  • subtitles project
  • next meeting

[edit] Meeting Agenda: Tuesday, 22nd June, 19:00 UTC

  • software
  • hardware
  • people
  • rooms
  • any other business
  • next meeting (1 week from this one, same time, same day of week?)

Meetbot logs

[edit] Meeting agenda, May 11th 20:00 UTC

  1. computer hardware needed for videoteam
  2. audio hw
  3. budget
  4. penta
  5. streaming setup
  6. other software issues
  7. Venue stuff
    1. Stream full dump from talk rooms to server? (100 Mbit or 1000 Mbit connections needed?)
    2. Number of servers to be hosted/space needed
    3. List of stuff columbia people can use to ask for loans locally
    4. Links to any easy-to-read lists that can be given to various columbia tech people (setup needed, room requirements, ...)
    5. What you'll have, at the least: plenty of power, ethernet 100Mbit for live steaming, space for control booth, cameras, etc.
  8. any other business
  9. next meeting
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