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[edit] 6th August

  • Michael J. Daniel departing JFK on Delta 183 to Seattle @ 8:14am

[edit] 7th August

[edit] JFK

  • Andrew McMillan departing JFK on NZ9597 to San Francisco @ 2:35pm
  • Kai Hendry departing JFK on VS064 to LHR @ 19:30
  • Anto Recio departing JFK on GUUBCI to MAD @ 17:40
  • Lucas Nussbaum DL8698->CDG @ 18:00
  • 21:25 Guido Günther leaving from JFK on SQ0025 to FRA
  • Ralf Treinen, JFK to CDG @ 23:30

Booked a supershuttle for pickup 15:15-15:30 at Columbia University gates, if anyone wants to join.

[edit] Newark

  • Martin Bagge (brother- @ irc, departing for Copenhagen @ 1740.
  • Torsten Werner departing Newark on LO16 to Warsaw @ 23:25
  • Andrew Lee (AndrewLee @ irc, ajqlee@d.o) departing EWR on BR 031 to TPE @ 23:30

[edit] 8th August

[edit] Penn Station

  • 06:55 Joey Hess leaving from Penn Station on Amtrak Cardinal (to Charlottesville)

[edit] JFK

  • 07.15 Andreas B. Mundt leaving from JFK on DL2965 to SFO
  • 08:15 Russ Allbery leaving from JFK on JetBlue 641 to SFO
  • 12:30 Nobuhiro Iwamatsu leaving from JFK on NH009 to NRT.
  • 15:15 Tony Mancill leaving JFK on DL312 to PDX.
  • 16:00 Don Armstrong leaving from JFK on AA133 to LAX
  • 16:00 Matthias Geerdsen leaving from JFK on LH 401 to FRA
  • 17:35 Santiago Vila leaving from JFK on DL126 to MAD.
  • 18:15 Jonathan McDowell leaving from JFK on VS004 to LHR.
  • 18:15 Jonathan Wiltshire leaving from JFK on VS004 to LHR.
  • 18:40 Blars Blarson leaving from JFK on Jet Blue 359 to BUR
  • 19:00 Torben Fjerdingstad leaving from JFK on DL118 to CPH
  • 19:05 Bastian Venthur, leaving from JFK on DL78 to TXL
  • 19:05 Obey Arthur Liu, leaving from JFK on AF007 to CDG
  • 21:00 Ana Guerrero leaving from JFK on IB6252 to MAD.
  • 21:25 Philipp Kern leaving from JFK on SQ25 to FRA
  • 21:45 Thibaut Girka leaving from JFK on AF011 to CDG

[edit] Laguardia

  • 09:55 Michael Schultheiss leaving from LGA on DL4249 to IND.
  • 12:35 Francois Marier leaving from LGA on AC8671 to YUL
  • 12:59 Eric Evans leaving from LGA on US1437

[edit] Newark

  • 08:05 Thomas Lange leaving from Newark
  • 08:30 Piotr Ożarowski leaving from Newark
  • 17:35 Gunnar Wolf from EWR on CO1737 to MEX
  • 17:50 Philip Paeps leaving from EWR on LH403 to FRA.

[edit] 9th August

  • edrz driving to Washington, DC, from NYC. Will likely have room for at least 1 passenger.
  • 20:30 Jonas Smedegaard leaving from Newark airport

[edit] 10th August

  • Kumar "kmap" Appaiah: I am flying from LaGuardia at 7 AM, towards San Antonio, TX, and will go from there via bus to Austin, TX.

[edit] 11th August

  • 18:30 : Gregory Colpart, leaving from JFK on KL0642 to Marseilles via Amsterdam

[edit] 14th August

  • 22:55 gregoa leaving from EWR on BA186 for LHR.

[edit] 15th August

  • 17:50 mika leaving from JFK on OS88 to Vienna
  • 21:25 Rene Engelhard leaving from JFK on SQ25 to FRA
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