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[edit] July 25th

  • 05:45 dondelelcaro, ariving at JFK on AA10 from LAX
  • 14:15 mika, arriving at JFK on OS87 from Vienna
  • 16:20 vicm3, arriving at JFK on AM0402 from MEX
  • 18:20 gregoa, arriving at EWR on BA189 from LHR
  • 19:40 Mrfai, arriving at JFK on KL643 from Amsterdam

[edit] July 26th

[edit] Newark airport

[edit] July 27th

  • 10:55: Philipp Kern, arriving at JFK on SQ26 from FRA
  • 16:00: Torsten Werner, arriving at JFK on LO6 from Warsaw
  • 16:20: Margarita Manterola and Maximiliano Curia, arriving in JFK from Mexico
  • 19:40: Stefano Zacchiroli, arriving at JFK from Italy (via Amsterdam)

[edit] July 28th

  • 21:35: Luca Capello and Gaudenz Steinlin, arriving at Penn Station with the Amtrack 68 Adirondack train from Montréal (Canada).
  • 19:10: Christian Perrier and Jean-Baptiste Perrier, arriving at JFK, Aer Lingus 109 from Dublin

[edit] July 29th

  • 15:45: Gregory Colpart, arriving to NewArk on AF0018 from Marseilles via Paris
  • 21:10: Lucas Nussbaum, JFK, AF8 from CDG

[edit] July 30th

  • 15:40 Philip Paeps, EWR, Lufthansa from FRA
  • 17:30 cate, JFK, Delta from ZRH
  • 14:45 Vedran Alajbegovic, To JFK, with Turkish Airlines, from IST
  • 20:50 Blars Blarsaon, JFK Jet Blue 354

[edit] July 31st

[edit] JFK

  • 06:10 Rogério Brito, arriving at JFK on AA950 from GRU
  • 10:45 Nobuhiro Iwamatsu, arriving at JFK on NH010 from NRT
  • 10:55 Rene Engelhard, arriving at JFK on SQ26 from FRA
  • 12:15 Niels Thykier, arriving at JFK on 9W 0226
  • 12:25 Santiago Vila, arriving at JFK on DL127 from MAD
  • 14:30 Tony Mancill, arriving at JFK on DL88 from PDX
  • 14:30 Keith Packard, arriving at JFK on DL88 from PDX
  • 16:05 Bastian Venthur, arriving at JFK on DL9519 from AMS
  • 16:40 Jonathan Wiltshire, arriving JFK on VS045 from LHR
  • 17:36 Kai Hendry, arriving at JFK on Jetblue94 from OAK
  • 18:40 Sylvestre Ledru, arriving JFK on AF0010 from CDG
  • 19:17 Russ Allbery, arriving JFK on JetBlue 644 from SFO
  • 19:40 Matthias Geerdsen, arriving JFK on LH 404 from FRA

[edit] LaGuardia

  • 17:07 Michael Schultheiss, arriving at LGA on DL3554 from IND
  • 16:30 Eric Evans, arriving at LGA on AA728 from DFW

[edit] Newark

  • 13:40 Martin Bagge (brother- @ IRC, arriving from ARN, planning to take the NJ Train to Penn Station and then switch to subway 1.
  • 16:12 Anto Recio, arriving at EWR on C4T13W from PTY
  • 19:00 Jonathan McDowell, arriving in EWR on VS001 from LHR
  • 23:10 Moray Allan, arriving at EWR on VS17 from LHR
  • 23:34 Michael J. Daniel, arriving at EWR on Delta 1028 from SLC
  • 23:46 Francois Marier, arriving at EWR on UA88 from SFO

[edit] Penn Station

  • 16:35 David Smith, arriving at NYP on 284 Empire Service from UCA

[edit] August 1st

  • 10:55 Guido Günther, arriving at JVK on SQ0026 from FRA
  • 11:40 Piotr Ożarowski, arriving at EWR on LH7965 from AMS
  • 17:45 Joey Hess, arriving Penn Station on Amtrak Northeast Regional (from Charlottesville VA)

[edit] August 3rd

Kumar "kmap" Appaiah - I am going via bus from Austin, TX to San Antonio, TX, and flying from there into LaGuardia late on the night of 3rd August.

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