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[edit] Talk accepted for scheduling

(MrBeige: this should go to the submitter(s) of each accepted talk that is not in the 'Unscheduled' track)

  (select * from event where event_state = 'accepted' and (conference_track is null or conference_track != 'Unscheduled') and conference_id = 4)

Congratulations, $PERSON!

Your proposal, $TITLE, has been accepted for DebConf 10. We will post a schedule and let you know the exact location and time on or before June 15th.

In order to verify that you still plan to attend and give your talk, be sure to reconfirm your attendance in Penta by June 10th, as previously announced. So that we can schedule your talk, please be sure to specify your arrival and departure dates on the Travel tab.

Thanks for your contribution to DebConf!

[edit] Talks not scheduled

(MrBeige: please send this to every talk currently in "undecided" "candidate" status we should set them to "rejected" after the mail has gone out)

  (select * from event where event_state = 'undecided' conference_id = 4)

Hello $PERSON --

Thanks for submitting your proposal event $TITLE for DebConf10.

We appreciate your interest and the time you invested in putting together your proposed event. As you may know, we had a large number of submissions for talks, and a limited number of resources. After a long selection process your event was not selected for this year's Debconf.

Thank you very much for taking the time to submit your event, we enjoyed having it as an option.

We hope this doesn't discourage you from attending Debconf, in fact there will be opportunities for ad-hoc events to occur, if you should wish to still put it on. Details on how that will work will be available at the conference.

As a reminder, please ensure that you reconfirm your attendance at DebConf10 via by June 10th!

sincerely, the debconf talks team

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