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T-shirt quantity calculation

[edit] Amounts

  • Attendees, get data from penta (currently 309-10)
  • Sponsors, they get same shirts than attendees, add (number_sponsors+number_supporters)*2
  • Orga team, get list
  • Volunteers team, get list (they might be joined with orga team)
  • Video team, get list

[edit] Sizes and pricing

No extra charge for mixing women's and men's shirts; XXL and XXXL shirts have minor additional costs that should not adversely affect our budget given the slight per-shirt overestimate we budgeted with.

One or two additional shirts of some common size (e.g. men's large) will be bought per sponsor beyond what is listed here.

Gender Size Role Quantity
Women S Attendee
Women M Attendee
Women L Attendee
Women XL Attendee
Women XXL Attendee
Women XXXL Attendee
Women S Orga
Women M Orga
Women L Orga
Women XL Orga
Women XXL Orga
Women XXXL Orga
Women S Video Team
Women M Video Team
Women L Video Team
Women XL Video Team
Women XXL Video Team
Women XXXL Video Team
Women S Volunteer
Women M Volunteer
Women L Volunteer
Women XL Volunteer
Women XXL Volunteer
Women XXXL Volunteer
Men S Attendee
Men M Attendee
Men L Attendee
Men XL Attendee
Men XXL Attendee
Men XXXL Attendee
Men S Orga
Men M Orga
Men L Orga
Men XL Orga
Men XXL Orga
Men XXXL Orga
Men S Video Team
Men M Video Team
Men L Video Team
Men XL Video Team
Men XXL Video Team
Men XXXL Video Team
Men S Volunteer
Men M Volunteer
Men L Volunteer
Men XL Volunteer
Men XXL Volunteer
Men XXXL Volunteer
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