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This plan doesn't say what we will do, just an idea if we decide to review sponsorship.

[edit] Review plans

Proposed plan for reviewing DebCamp:

  • People traveling for purely volunteer purposes shouldn't be sponsored
    • Local people are encouraged to stay at their place for a few days
    • There should be
  • There should be N people sponsored for the video team for the first 4 days.
  • There should be N dc11 organization people sponsored

Proposed plan for reviewing DebConf:

  • The following criteria applies to everyone
  • If you know the person from Debian, then they get sponsorship.
  • If they had a talk selected, then they get sponsorship.
  • If they have travel sponsorship, then they get sponsorship.
  • Search,, for their name/email. If they come up, then they get sponsorship
  • search 'their_name debian' in some internet search engine. If anything project related comes up, then they get sponsorship
  • What else did travel sponsorship team to do see who they selected?

Proposed plan for reviewing DebCamp version 2:

Similar rules to DebConf but more strict:

  • Localteam person who does not live nearby (less than 45m?) should get sponsorship.
  • Active Debian contributor (package maintainers, translator, etc) whose Debian contribution is very clear and have

a work plan, should get sponsorship.

  • Debian contributor with weak plans should get asked to define a plan or pay
  • People no involved in Debian should not get sponsorship unless:
    • They are active localteam
    • They are required by video team
    • They are helper of disabled contributors

[edit] Team members

  • ana
  • richard (not in deciding, but administrative support)
  • micah (not in tights)
  • marga
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