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[edit] Local

  • Localteam
  • Rest-of-the-US team
  • Map of it
  • Daily life in NY: Morningside Heights
  • New York Transportation
  • New York Airports
  • New York Activities
  • NYC Tourism
  • Don't have too much fun! (seriously, we mean it)

[edit] Venue

  • Columbia University
  • SEAS Rooms (Exclusive for us)
    • 200 person lecture hall
    • 100 person cafeteria
    • 70 person adjustable furniture classroom
    • 30 person classroom
  • Other University rooms and areas
    • huge assortment of other classrooms and common areas, available on a shorter-term basis.
  • Networking
    • CUIT Contacts
  • Accommodation
    • Columbia dorms
    • maps / links
  • Other people we know
    • Moglen
    • cs chair
    • cuit head
  • Shared Space considerations.
  • Our Second Bid: Hosteling International
    • multiple large rooms plus 600 beds.

[edit] Getting to the US

  • We will help you get here. We won't argue with it about it (in our official capicity)
    • New York is an amazing multicultural world city. Any negative thoughts about the US do not apply here.
  • Our lolyer
  • Visa Waiver Countries
  • Other Countries
    • You basically just need to show you will leave when it is over
    • Bank accounts, property ownership, family
  • types of visas

[edit] Conclusion

- See you in new yawk

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