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[edit] Getting to DebConf10 from Port Authority

[edit] Attendees not in wheelchairs

The easiest way to get to Debconf from Port Authority is to take the 1train.gif train from 42 Street - Times Square station heading Uptown / to Van Cortlandt Park. Get off at 116 Street - Columbia University. Exit near intersection of W 116th St and Broadway. Start out going East on W 116th St towards Broadway. See the map for more details walking from the 1train.gif Train. [Hopstop ] directions including all stops and some additional maps.

Do not take express trains 2train.gif or 3train.gif, which follow a different route and do not stop at Columbia University; if you do, be certain to transfer at 96th Street to the 1train.gif local.

[edit] Attendees in wheelchairs

Directions to the Carman Building and the Mudd building, the check-in locations

Wheelchair Access For Port Authority, including the A, C, E (blue) subway lines:

(**NOTE: DO NOT TAKE THE E train.**)

If at any time you need assistance inside Port Authority, they will provide a free wheelchair escort service for travelers who may have difficulty navigating their way through the facility. Simply dial 54 on any in-house telephone to request an escort.

If you arrive by bus in the South Terminal there is no direct wheelchair access to the subway. You need to take the elevators at the East or West End in order to connect with the North Terminal (and follow directions below). If you are coming from JFK the bus will let you out outside and you can go directly to the North Terminal (and follow directions below).

Access to the Atrain.gif and Ctrain.gif subways is available through the Port Authority Terminal on the South West Corner of West 42nd Street (known as North Terminal) and 8th Ave.

Pass the Information booth inside Port Authority, pass the large art piece, and you will find the elevator down to the subway on the left. There are signs pointing you in the correct direction as well.

Take the elevator down to (L). Next, follow the signs to the Atrain.gif, Ctrain.gif, E uptown subways. To get to the uptown subway platform, take a left through the gate next to the subway booth. The gate entrance is on the left hand side when facing the subway gates. According the the police officer I consulted, the gate should be open. At the time of my visit the booth was empty, so you may need to ask someone for help if it is still empty. After going through the gate on the left, make a left and continue to follow the signs for Atrain.gif, Ctrain.gif, E subways uptown. You will pass a set of stairs, but continue following signs for Atrain.gif, Ctrain.gif, E uptown/handicap access and you will come to ramp on your right.

Take the ramp down and catch the Atrain.gif or Ctrain.gif "Uptown & the Bronx" direction to the 125th St station. (**NOTE: DO NOT TAKE THE E train.**)

Exit at the 125th St station. Travel west about 1/3 of a block on W 125th St/Dr Martin Luther King Blvd to the M60 bus stop. It is on the north side of the street, right past Presidential Pizza and right before the post office. If you arrive at a different numbered street or at Frederick Douglass Blvd, you went the wrong direction and should retrace your path. Wait for the westbound M60 bus (in the direction of Broadway & 106th St).

M60 bus

All NYC buses are wheelchair-accessible and the driver will assist wheelchair users in boarding and leaving the bus. You should not have to pay a bus fare if you entered the subway system with a MetroCard (NYC mass transit farecards) within the previous two hours. If this does not apply, bus fares can be paid with exact change or with a MetroCard, but MetroCards are not sold on the bus. Exit the bus at the 116th St & Broadway stop in front of Columbia University; you can ask the driver to let you know when you are there.

Go through the gates at 116th street and past the rows of trees. Take a right at the first major path, and go up the steps/ramp. Follow this path until it ends, past Schermerhorn, Fairchild, and other buildings, and look for Mudd Hall (see above map).

[edit] Optional route

If you want to travel on the streets from the 125 st Subway Station, it is about a half a mile with some significant uphill parts. Follow the map below. directions from A,C train to Columbia

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