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[edit] Newark Airport to Debconf venue (Columbia University)

There are various options to get from Newark airport to Columbia University, including car service/taxi, train, private bus, and Super Shuttle. There is no public bus from Newark Airport to New York City. All the options listed on this page have wheelchair access but there are specific procedures you must follow to gain access. All details are provided below.

[edit] Car Service/Taxi

You can take a cab or car service into the city. A cab is approximately $50-90 and tolls and tips. A car service is cheaper with a fixed rate (between $45-55) and tolls and tips ($10 is sufficient). If you choose the latter, make a reservation the day before you arrive by phone or online. Two reliable car services are Carmel and Dial7 Car (don't worry that these are also called Limo service). Once you have collected your bags, you call their number, give them your reservation number, and they will meet you outside of baggage claim in their car, which has a sign with your last name. If you do not have a cell phone, you can call their 1-800 number by using a pay phone in the baggage claim. You can obtain this number on their website or by calling them.

You will ask the driver to drop you off at 116th and Broadway, which are the main gates to Columbia University.

[edit] Disability access

Both car services and taxi's must provide wheel chair accessible cars. However, in terms of cabs, they may not have any at the airport and you might end up waiting a long time for one. In terms of a car service, you will want to call to make the reservation and pre-arrange a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

[edit] New Jersey Transit (train)

This is a cheaper and often quicker option than a car service, depending on traffic, but more hassle. One way fare from Newark to Penn station is currently $15 ($11.25 for seniors/children/disabled). You can pay with cash, credit card, and debit card via a machine or pay at the teller at the AirLink railway station.

In Newark airport, follow the signs for NJ Train/AirLink Station (it is well signed). You buy your one-way fare at the airport or you can buy it at the Newark Airport train station, which you get to via the AirLink Train (AirTran for short) that leaves the airport every few minutes from all terminals.

First take the AirTran train-shuttle to the NJ Rail/Amtrak train station (called AirLink Station), which takes approximately 5-7 minutes and leaves every 4-5 minutes. Once at the train station, you will use your ticket to enter the facilities and you will also need the ticket on the train to give to the conductor as well. Trains generally leave from Platform A, to New York Penn Station (be aware, there is a Newark Penn Station, which is different!). Consult the schedule for times.

Once you arrive at Penn Station, follow directions from there.

[edit] Disability access

If you are in a wheelchair, NJ Rail Newark Airport Station and Penn Station are both wheelchair accessible. According to their website: “The Newark Liberty International Airport Station and AirTrain system are fully accessible to people with disabilities and are equipped with escalators, elevators and stairs. To find out if the station you plan to travel from is accessible to customers using mobility devices, refer to the timetable for your rail line and look for the international symbol of accessibility. For assistance getting on and off the train, please inform your train crew. Be aware that train crews will not be available to assist with transporting luggage on and off the train. If you are traveling to New York, inform train personnel if you need to use an elevator upon arrival. When departing from New York, visit the NJ TRANSIT or Amtrak Customer Service Office to help you determine which elevator to use to access your connecting train. More information about buying tickets and NJ's accessible service information

Once you arrive at Penn Station, follow directions from there.

[edit] Newark Airport Express (private bus)

This is a private bus service that is available from 4:00 a.m. - 1:00 a.m and the ride takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on traffic. One-way fare is $15, but you can save by buying round-trip tickets, as they are $25.

[edit] How to find it

At Newark Liberty Airport follow signs and coaches may be boarded at: Terminal A (Located on the Arrival Level in Courtyard A, lanes 1-4) Terminal B (Located outside the arrival level, lane 2) Terminal C (Located outside the arrival level at bus stop 5 & 6)

[edit] Purchasing Tickets

From their website: “Buses serve terminal A, B and C.  Tickets may be purchased on bus. At Terminal A and B please go directly to bus stop.  At Terminal C (the last stop at the airport) an operations supervisor will board and you will be able to purchase tickets directly from this person. At Terminal C you may go directly to the bus and buy your ticket on the bus or you can buy your ticket while you are waiting.  (Drivers are not permitted to sell tickets. An operations supervisor will board the bus so you can conveniently buy tickets.)”

You can choose to disembark at Grand Central, Port Authority or Byrant Park, in addition to midtown hotels. To get to Columbia University you want to get out at Port Authority. They will drop you off on 42nd street between 8th and 9th Avenue and you should walk to 42nd street Times Square Subway Station which is on 42nd Street and 7th Avenue and take the 1 uptown train to Columbia University/116 street. Please consult and print this map for further information

More information on this service can be found here

[edit] Disability Access

Newark Airport Express is wheelchair accessible, discounts are given to disabled passengers, and they are given first seating priority. However, you MUST contact the company at least 48 hours in advance to make arrangements. According to their FAQ: “We comply with all ADA regulations. A 48-hour notice is required for wheelchair accessible vehicles. Purchasing a handicapped ticket (where available) will not automatically guarantee a wheelchair accessible bus. Please contact our dispatch department at 908-354-3330 x233 to make arrangements.” Once in Manhattan, you should NOT take the 42nd Street Times Square Subway but go to the 42nd Street Port Authority Subway Station, which is on on 42nd Street and 8th Avenue.

Once at the station (NOT SURE WHERE WHEEL CHAIR ACCESS IS FROM THE STREET, Need to find out), follow the signs for the A or C uptown trains. Once you are either on the A or C uptown train the train, Follow these directions for getting to Columbia University.

More disability information for Newark Airport Express

[edit] Super Shuttle

This shuttle is available 24 hours a day and offers direct transport to locations in Manhattan. The cost is around $28 per passenger each way (additional guest is $10) in a shared shuttle or approximately $115 each way for a private shuttle; there is no discount for disabled passengers. Transportation can be booked on the Supershuttle website or via the Ground Transportation Desk at Newark Airport. You would ask the driver to take you to Columbia University, 116th and Broadway.

[edit] Disability Access

According to their website, they have wheelchair access and a reservation is not required but encouraged. Not all their vehicles are wheelchair-accessible so reserving in advance online or by calling 1-800-BLUE-VAN (1-800-258-3826) is a good idea.

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