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Other Options and notes:

  • Universities are a good bet for an economical option in an expensive city
  • We have contacts in NYU, Columbia University, and Polytechnic University
  • Some of these are quite cheap for conference hosting
  • Brooklyn College hosted GNOME Summit 2003
  • Many more options - around 50 colleges and universities in NYC, and many churches and nonprofits
  • Corporate training facilities are another possibility
  • NYC is a major Internet hub - fast bandwidth available, including Internet2 at university venues (eg. 100Mbit at Polytechnic University)
  • More notes at DebConf10/NewYork/Venues

[edit] Lodging

  • Hosteling International NY, : Amst@103rd, 624 beds, includes possible meeting rooms, possible could host all of us, base rate $29/night dorm,, best choice
    • To discuss
      • 2 largish rooms - Find out sq footage
        • Chapel 1900 sq ft. capacity 150 (possibly 200 if setup in chairs)
          • Accessible
        • Down Under room 1450 sq ft capacity 75-100 (100-125 if setup chairs)
          • Need to investigate accessibility
      • 2 smaller rooms
        • Board room 780 sq ft. capacity 50-75
        • Conference room (about half the size of boardroom) (Like a large classroom 30-40 people estimate)
      • A number of smaller loungey rooms (common areas - non reservable)
      • Courtyard - For use informal gatherings or formal dinner (Outdoor space)
      • Everything except downunder room is accessible. (Need to see id DU room is accessible)
      • $32-34 per person/night (lowest they could do)
      • Need quotes for conference rooms. Need to speak with group reservations manager.
      • Allow us to bring in our own networking gear and lines
      • Huge 32 burner kitchen (Many separate cooking areas)
      • Lockers for everyone.. Lockers in rooms, plus extra locker room
      • No age restrictions (Can be under 18 as part of group - so can bring family or accommodate young devs)
      • Calculations
        • Housing
        • Debconf week
          • $34/night * 1 week * 250 bodies = $60,000 (For housing for debconf)
        • Debcamp week
          • $34/night * 1 week * 75 = $17,850
        • Food
          • Debconf (7.50+10.50) * 7 days * 250 = $30,000
          • Debcamp (7.50+10.50) * 7 days * 75 = $9,450
      • Venues
        • Debconf (600+1200+1600+[400]) * 7 = $22,000
        • Debconf (600+[400]) * 7 = $7,000
      • Unnegotiated total (Not including registration fees - Similar to DebCon8)
        • $146,300 (not including network access)
  • Broadway Hostel and Hotel:, 101@bway, ~550 beds, base rate $30/night dorm,
    • Lodging
      • $27/night - June
      • $32/night - July/August
    • Food
      • Breakfast $4-6
    • No real public meeting space
  • NYC Hostels (Meeting 1/15/09 quoted rate ~
    • Since it's a big group, we will give you a flat rate for the month of July and August.
      • 4bed dorm w/shared bath: 23 plus tax per night per person
      • 6bed dorm w/ shared bath: 21 plus tax per night per person
      • Single w/ shared bath: 54 plus tax per night per room
      • Single w/ private bath: 74 plus tax per night per room
      • Twin (one bunk bed) w/ shared bath: 64 plus tax per night per room
      • Tax is 14.25% state tax and $3.50 Occ. Tax. 30 days cancellation policy and 50 % must be paid 60 days prior to group check in and the rest 50% before the group checks in. If failed to do so, the reservation will be cancelled automatically. Linen/bedding is all provided free of charge.
      • Breakfast is $8 per person and we also offer transportation to and from depending on the size of group per van. If you are interested in either or both. Let me know.
      • As far as the lounge/conference room, we have a huge game room where we can let you set up for which we will not be responsible for. We can closed down the lounge/game room for certain hours for you but it cannot be closed your entire stay.
      • If you want to see the properties and talk more about the group, feel free to contact me.
    • West Side Inn :, 107@bway, ~80 rooms, right next to Morningside Inn, base rate $32/person dorm,
    • West End Studio and Hostel:, westend@102, ~140 beds, base rate $30/person dorm, (part of West Side Inn above)

[edit] Meeting Locations

  • HI NY rooms: rooms for 50-75, 75-100, and 150 people. $600-1600 base rate per day. co-best choice
  • Contact Columbia SEAS: -- we can possible get academic buildings at low cost if we get co-sponsoring. co-best choice

[edit] Other

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