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List of things to do, with responsibilities.

  • Explore SEAS availability.
  • Merge /HI into /NewYork if we decide to go with them.
  • HI negotiations
    • lodging costs
    • air conditioning in all rooms?
    • are venue rooms big enough?
      • fire code capacities
    • use of common space for hacklabs...
    • external caterers
    • preexisting internet capacities
    • detailed floor blueprints
    • power requirements. (60 amp in edinburgh)
    • ...
  • Other Sponsorship Issues
    • Contact ISPs for sponsorship/prices
    • Contact people for a/v equipment usage
    • Columbia facilities -- use for Debian Day or other things?
    • ...
  • Demolish boston's connectivity argument
  • make /Comparison for the bids
  • Update DebConf10/NewYork/VisaAndBorderIssues
    • carefully delineate the different categories of problems, which are real and which are not
  • Look through other bid pages, see their advantages and point out how we have the same advantages on our pages.
    • Make an equivalent of MIT's google map with important places.
  • Spy on Boston venues
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