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[edit] LGA Airport to Debconf venue (Columbia University)

There are various options to get from LaGuardia (LGA) Airport to Columbia University, including city bus, car service/taxi, and airport shuttle bus. The easiest route is either taxi/car service. The M60 bus is direct but can be slow (45-90 minutes).

[edit] Car Service/Taxi

Ask the driver to drop you off at 116th and Broadway, which are the main gates to Columbia University.

Taxis: The ride will be roughly $24 - $28 plus any tolls and a tip, and is a regular, metered fare. Taxis are available outside of every terminal and there is typically a taxi stand where you will be directed to a taxi. You may also want to familiarize yourself with the Taxicab Rider Bill of Rights. There is no additional charge for luggage and rates are based per car, not per passenger (up to four passengers).

Car Service: If you choose to take a car service make a reservation the day before you arrive by phone or online. Two reliable car services are Carmel and Dial7 Car (don't worry that these are also called Limo service). Once you have collected your bags, you call their number, give them your reservation number, and they will meet you outside of baggage claim in their car, which has a sign with your last name. If you do not have a cell phone, you can call their 1-800 number by using a pay phone in the baggage claim. You can obtain this number on their website or by calling them.

[edit] Disability access

Both car services and taxi's must provide wheel chair accessible cars. However, in terms of cabs, they may not have any at the airport and you might end up waiting a long time for one. In terms of a car service, you will want to call to make the reservation and pre-arrange a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

[edit] M60 city bus

The M60 bus stops at each terminal at LaGuardia Airport and then drops you off at 116th and Broadway in front of the gates of Columbia University. The fare is $2.25 and the bus runs from 5 am until 1 am, seven days a week. You should not have to pay a bus fare if you entered the subway system with a MetroCard (NYC mass transit farecards) within the previous two hours. If this does not apply, bus fares can be paid with exact change or with a MetroCard, but MetroCards are not sold on the bus. Exit the bus at the 116th St & Broadway stop in front of Columbia University; you can ask the driver to let you know when you are there. MetroCards are available at the magazine stands just past to the baggage claim, or you might find a MetroCard Vending Machine.

[edit] Disability access

All NYC buses are wheelchair-accessible and the driver will assist wheelchair users in boarding and leaving the bus. (see MTA for more info)

[edit] LGA Shuttle Airport Bus

New York Airport Service express buses go to and from LGA and brings you to the main Manhattan transit terminals. The easiest route is to take the express bus to Penn Station, then switch to the 1train.gif (1 red) subway train inside the station ($2.25 more). The buses go every thirty minutes and all trip is about 45 minutes, but usually longer on a way from the airport (be prepared to spend 20-30 minutes to go from one JFK terminal to another to gather people from different terminals).

The bus will drop you off on the street by Penn Station, next go into the station and look for signs for the 1train.gif (1 red) subway. You will take the train north towards Uptown & the Bronx, towards the end station Van Cortlandt Park. Avoid heading Downtown or towards South Ferry or Brooklyn, that is the opposite direction.

See the instructions from PennStation for more detail.

Optional: If you are willing to do more navigation, it will be quicker to take the airport shuttle bus to Port Authority and take the (A blue) train to 125th St.

[edit] Disability access

It is unlikely that the shuttle buses provide wheelchair access.

[edit] Super Shuttle

Not recommended for arriving in NYC but could be used leaving from Debconf/NYC. SuperShuttle will pick you up from any location in Manhattan and bring you right to your terminal. Probably a convenient way to get to LGA, if you don't have to share the van with 10 other people who you have to pick up on a way from different Manhattan locations. Sometimes takes more than 40 minutes to gather all of them and just get out of the city. And absolutely inconvenient way from the airport, you have to wait more than 30 minutes to be picked up.

[edit] Disability access

According to their website, they have wheelchair access and a reservation is not required but encouraged. Not all their vehicles are wheelchair-accessible so reserving in advance online or by calling 1-800-BLUE-VAN (1-800-258-3826) is a good idea.

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