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[edit] Audio setup for Interschool

[edit] Cables/wires

In order to use the room's loud-speakers, we have the following setup:

  • the mixing-table output use balanced cables, which are connected to an isolator (the green box!)
  • the isolator output use 3"5 jack (with RCA on the other side)
  • the RCA cables are connected to the university's Denon amplifier (on the "CD" input)

[edit] The room's audio rack should be configured this way

  • The 'Extron thing should have:
    • press on "mode" button so the green LED next to it is blinking.
    • press on the DVD" button, so the LED next to it is on.
    • press on the "1" button, so the LED next to it is on.
  • The Denon amplifier
    • The input source should be "CD"
    • The speaker "A" should be enable (LED should be on)
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