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A final report is produced after every DebConf. It is very important for acquiring repeat sponsors.

Want to contribute? Easy: just pick an article from below, claim it on this page, and try writing something. The final report has two primary goals: let sponsors know what their donations went to and that they are appreciated, and to let future organizers learn from us.

Most articles are 200-500 words (3-6 paragraphs) and written informally. Don't worry about making perfect English - we will have plenty of proofreading later. For now, it is the content that is important.

You can see the progress so far. You can also help to revise these texts.

If you don't have access to the DebConf reports svn repository, you can send your drafts to someone to commit for you. We look forward to your contributions!


  • January 23rd - Texts due (three weeks after holidays)
  • January 30th - (1 week) proofreading done
  • Feburary 6th - (1 week) assembly done


[edit] Articles for DC10 report

(Feel free to adjust this list. Claim articles here if you decide to write them.)

  • About DebConf
    • DPL Welcome (zack, done)
    • Debian Day - outreach to the community (done by moray; biella might want to check/improve)
    • Purpose of DebConf (done, moray)
    • Talks and Events - part talking about some highlights from talks, part talking about selection. Could be separate articles. (Hydroxide, done)
      • Full list of talks (Hydroxide willing, if it would be helpful, once report formatting specs are known)
    • Video Team (done, marcot)
      • proofread by Tomáš Pospíšek: not complete: still FIXMEs in the text
    • Social Events (done, gwolf+marcot) (the thinsg below can be short blurbs or longer articles)
      • Cheese and Wine Party (done (in social events), gwolf/marcot, needs proofreading)
      • Day Trip (done in social-events.txt, gwolf/marcot, needs proofreading)
      • Running club (done, in social-events.txt, gwolf/marcot, needs proofreading)
      • Coming early/staying late
    • DebCamp (done, Yoe) (proofread, Karora: remove words "this edition" from first line, otherwise good)
    • Personal Impressions (moray, aroundthfur)
  • Behind The Scenes
    • Selection of NYC (done, darst has a draft and needs someone to claim it)
    • The Venue (done, darst has a draft and needs someone to claim it)
    • Fundraising (drdub, bgupta?)
    • Budgeting (done, darst has a draft and needs someone to claim it - schultmc(?))
    • Sponsorship/registration of attendees (ana, done)
    • Networking (done, darst has a draft and needs someone to claim it - dkg(?))
    • Food (placeholder by moray -- jeremyb or someone else should add some details)
      • proofread by Tomáš Pospíšek
    • Local Team Impressions
  • Stats and Numbers
    • Attendees by registration category and Debian status
    • Attendees per day
    • Nationality of attendees
    • Food, accommodation choices
    • Budget breakdown
  • Credits

[edit] Advice we should leave for future years

[edit] Photos

Please include links to good photos here (preferably with description or suggestion of where to use them).

[edit] Old stuff

Archived reports can be found at .

[edit] Articles for DC9 report

  • What got done (sponsors read this and think "wow, I'm glad I sponsored")
    • DPL message
    • Open Day
    • Talks
      • Talk list:
    • Full listing of talks
    • Social events (including day trip)
    • Debian wine&cheese
    • Debian wine
    • Personal impressions
  • Behind the scenes (future organizers read this and get hints, also sponsors are amazed at our hard work)
    • Selecting the venue and accommodation
    • Fundraising team
    • Sponsorship team
    • Video team (could also go under "what got done" depending on focus)
      • Video team from across the globe
    • Local team impressions (or under "what got done")
    • Network setup
    • Budget
    • FrontDesk
  • Stats and numbers (gritty details for reference)
    • Attendees by registration category and Debian status
    • Attendees per day
    • Nationality of attendees
    • Food,accommodation choices
    • Budget breakdown
  • Credits

[edit] Articles from DC8 report

  • Local Team Intro
  • DPL Message
  • Talks list
  • Localteam coordination
  • Choosing the correct venue
  • Network Infrastructure
  • Electric installation
  • Welcoming participants
  • Video team
  • Volunteers
  • Managing the budget
  • Social Events
  • Cheese and wine party
  • Tango dancing / open bar
  • Personal Impressions

[edit] Articles from DC7 report

  • Talks (chart of numbers of each type, summary of key talks)
  • Development (key technical features implemented, discussed, or worked on during DebConf)
  • stats and numbers: participants by status, participants by meal type, participants by country
  • Infrastructure
  • Networking
  • Sponsors
  • Money
  • Accommodation
  • Video
  • List of organizing team
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